Nubank increases mass limit and impresses customers

The customers of Nubank reported on social networks a new limit increase on their accounts. Many users have benefited from the increase. So understand what happened and see how to increase your limit.

Nubank credit increase

On Wednesday (30), many Nubank customers reported on Twiter that they had been notified of an increase in the credit limit on their accounts.

As many already know, fintech does not tend to extend customer limits frequently. That way, when they get an increase in the limit, users use social networks to announce the news.

Namely, to release more credit, fintech uses technology based on algorithms to define how much each customer can receive. Therefore, those who have more favorable conditions, such as greater purchasing power, for example, will benefit more from credit.

Check out 5 important tips to increase your limit

Check out the top five tips to increase your Nubank card limit.

Focus your spending on your credit card

The first tip is to concentrate all your expenses on the Nubank🇧🇷 In this way, it is possible to guarantee that there will be an exploitation of your entire limit, which may make it clear to fintech that you need more credit.

Keep the CPF free of restrictions

One of the factors that can help you increase your fintech card limit is keeping your credit history intact. This happens when you are up to date with the payment of your debts, not being in default with Nubank or any other company, far from the CPF restriction.

Pay the invoice on time

In addition to avoiding falling into debt, it is also important not to delay the payment of Nubank🇧🇷 Paying the debt on the due date means that you honor your commitments, including with the financial institution. It is worth mentioning that paying the minimum amount is not a good idea.

Develop a relationship with Nubank

It is also possible to strengthen ties with fintech by contracting other services. The action can help you get a higher credit card limit.

Keep your income data up to date

Finally, another very important action is to keep your registration data always current, especially income. This is because, if you have a higher income than when you informed the bank, you can receive an immediate increase in the limit.

Find out which credit cards are available and how to apply

O Nubank is one of the largest digital banks in Brazil. Among the various benefits offered by fintech, credit cards are the most requested by customers.

Currently, the bank offers three credit card options to users, the GoldPlatinum and Ultraviolet, each with special and unique conditions.

Nubank Gold and Platinum Cards

First, the two types of card are the most requested by the customers of the Nubank🇧🇷 Both have several benefits, such as 0 annuity. However, the difference between the tools is precisely in the advantages available in each one.

Namely, on the Gold card, customers can enjoy an extended warranty of up to 1 year, promotions on purchases made with the tool, insurance and protection for prisoners, and protection on purchases for accidental damage or theft.

On the other hand, in the card platinumusers can benefit from travel advice, concierge services, international offers, car insurance or medical emergencies while traveling and corkage exemption (clients do not pay the fee on the 1st bottle of wine in restaurants).

The card most used on a daily basis by customers of the Nubank It is in Gold mode. However, for customers who travel a lot, Platinum is the best choice.

Nubank’s Ultraviolet Card

The Ultraviolet modality is the most recent one that is available through Nubank. The tool has, first, a differential in its physical model, as it is in silver color. In addition, this model is the one that offers the most benefits to customers. The main ones are:

  • 1% cashback on credit purchases;
  • Yield of 200%, if the amount is saved;
  • Extended warranty on purchases;
  • Insurance (price protection, shopping protection, luggage, travel);
  • VIP lounges at airports;
  • Monthly fee 40% lower than other offers on the market, in the Black and Premium modes.

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