Predictions for matches in Uruguay, Brazil and Portugal

Will Uruguay react in the last round and beat Ghana to secure a place in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar? And the Brazilian team? Even with the substitutes, can you keep the 100% advantage in the group stage? The columnists of UOL Sport gave their guesses on the last day of the group stage, with games involving teams from groups G and H.

With Portugal already classified, it remains to be seen who will be the other Group H team to advance to the knockout stage. All three have a chance: Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea. However, there is so much balance in the bracket that the columnists’ guesses were not enough to define who advances.

That’s because there were four bets for Uruguay’s victory, which would classify Cavani’s selection, and another four for a draw, which would give the African team a place. This taking into account, of course, Portugal’s triumph over South Korea, guesses from seven of the 11 journalists.

As for Group G, from Brazil, the situation is clearer. Even with reservations, the vast majority of columnists believe in a green and yellow victory, a result that would eliminate Cameroon. In the other game in the bracket, most bets point to a tie between Serbia and Switzerland, which would classify the Swiss team – which has three points, against just one of the Serbs.

And you, do you already have your guesses for these games? Check the predictions of the columnists of the UOL Sport🇧🇷

Ghana vs Uruguay

Alicia Klein – Uruguay
Amara Moira – Ghana
Danilo Lavieri – Tie
Julio Gomes – Tie
Menon – Uruguay
Milly Lacombe – Uruguay
Milton Neves – Tie
Renato Mauricio Prado – Ghana
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Ghana
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Uruguay

South Korea vs Portugal

Alicia Klein – Portugal
Amara Moira – Portugal
Danilo Lavieri – Portugal
Julio Gomes – Tie
Menon – Tie
Milly Lacombe – Portugal
Milton Neves – Portugal
Renato Maurício Prado – Portugal
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Portugal
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Draw

Serbia vs Switzerland

Alicia Klein – Tie
Amara Moira – Serbia
Danilo Lavieri – Tie
Julio Gomes – Serbia
Menon – Tie
Milly Lacombe – Serbia
Milton Neves – Switzerland
Renato Maurício Prado – Tie
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Serbia
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Draw

Cameroon vs Brazil

Alicia Klein – Brazil
Amara Moira – Cameroon
Danilo Lavieri – Brazil
Julio Gomes – Brazil
Menon – Brazil
Milly Lacombe – Brazil
Milton Neves – Brazil
Renato Maurício Prado – Brazil
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Brazil
Rodrigo Coutinho – Brazil
Vitor Guedes – Brazil

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