Samsung does not intend to buy OLED panels from BOE in 2023; understand why

Samsung orders panels with OLED and LCD technology from the manufacturer BOE for its smartphones and televisions for a long time, but this should change in 2023 with the Chinese company being removed from the official list of suppliers of the South Korean brand due to problems related to the payment of royalties.

According to information from The Elec portal, Samsung would have required BOE to pay royalties in order to be able to use the company’s name in its marketing campaigns, an offer rejected by the company🇧🇷 The refusal caused the South Korean to progressively reduce orders until zero orders in 2023.

To compensate for the decrease in orders to BOE, Samsung has increased shipments from LG Display and CSOT to 2023, but for now there is no information on the number of orders placed for these companies. Interestingly, past rumors pointed to this distancing between the manufacturers, but because of the scandal with Apple.

Despite the difficulty in finding customers, the Chinese giant continues to invest heavily in the R&D division, having recently announced a screen with a 600 Hz refresh rate for gaming notebooks, a component that should be highlighted in the coming years for bringing high quality and frequency.

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