Samsung wins international award thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip4

The Galaxy Z Flip4 earned Samsung an important award in Belgium after winning the ‘Product of the Year’ category in 2022. This is the first time that a smartphone manufacturer has been recognized for an electronic product, demonstrating the success of Samsung’s new generation of foldables South Korean among users and experts.

The committee responsible for granting the ‘Product of the Year’ seal is made up of a renowned team of judges who evaluate different device criteria, such as innovation, attractiveness and ease of use. In this sense, the company’s smartphone stood out for being compact, displaying an elegant design and useful features, such as the DeX mode.

Interestingly, last year the Galaxy Z Flip3 received the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award from Time Magazine, thanks to its modern look with the company’s cutting-edge technology. The model also received a design award from CES 2022, indicating that the Asian manufacturer is on the right track with its flexibles.

According to data from a report, in the last twelve months the manufacturer has sold 16 million folding cell phones worldwide, a number that corresponds to an increase of 73% compared to 2021. For 2023, purchases are expected to grow considerably considering the evolutions of Fold4 and Flip4.

Do you plan to invest in a Samsung foldable this year? Which model are you looking at? Tell us, comment!

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