Scammers lack time. by Moises Mendes

Bolsonarist protesters during an anti-democratic act in Porto Alegre
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by Moises Mendes

Every day the coup has at least one emissary, but it is the first time that a message arrives from Qatar and, as a surprise, because of the interference of Eduardo Bolsonaro’s wife.

Heloisa Wolf wrote: “For those who think that everything comes down to football, I can guarantee one thing: the ball is rolling and there is still a lot of games to play”.

The Cup has a game until the final of the 18th, and Poland, one of the most mediocre teams in the competition, is classified for the round of 16.

The ball keeps rolling even to Poland. But it only pretends that it rolls for coup d’état in Brazil.

Scammers lack team, and they know the game is over. Even with the intensification of the bluff that a civil war is coming. The threat of war is an everyday presence.

There has never been so much talk of civil war. Gardeners, lawyers, teachers, deputies, doctors, plumbers, waiters, where someone is talking to someone there is also the expression civil war.

There are daily reports of those who heard someone say that there will be a civil war. And if there is a war, the Army will have to intervene.

They don’t talk so much anymore, in these conversations that also reach the ears of those who are not coup plotters, in military intervention as a starting point. They talk about civil war.

The barracks, according to the statement that pushed TCU counselor João Augusto Nardes into medical leave, are ready to intervene in the event of a civil war.

General Eduardo Villas Bôas has already warned that, “in this extreme moment” experienced by the country, “our force, at some point, may be urged to act”.

Generals in pajamas warned, in a manifesto, that the people are asking the Armed Forces for help, given the threat of a “social upheaval”.

The scam is the egg and it’s chicken. They already expected the generals to take the initiative to prevent Lula from taking office. It was the call for the beginning of the camps and the revelry of the roads.

Someone ordered them to exchange military intervention for civil resistance. The word military leaves, the word civil enters, and the patriots show a remnant of rationality and present a habeas corpus. They want resistance, not a blow.

But what prevails is that the civil war will trigger the intervention. A sequel with some military planning.

Resistance, provocation, violent acts, affront to institutions, confrontation with dissenters, conflicts on the roads and in the streets and, as a result, the intervention of commanders urged to act.

Defining what is the egg and what is the chicken of the blow seems irrelevant, but it is not. The bet of Bolsonaro, of the military and of the patriots who try to contact Martians is that of rupture, that of war.

But the coup failed on the streets for lack of density and sobriety, much more than a numerical deficit. There is no shortage of people to create the climate and lead to an impasse and intervention.

The coup d’état that frequents camps, blockades and the World Cup in Qatar lacks seriousness and reputation. The enshrined image is that of violence on the roads and trance in the cities.

The coup lacks seriousness. There is no way to carry out a scam by taking secret pendrives to Doha.

There is no way to accept as reasonable that the dissemination of the
attempts to contact extraterrestrials, via cell phone, while Bolsonaro sleeps at Alvorada.

The trance of the blow is much more an escape, a hallucination, than an effort to connect with the reality of the losers.

The coup project lacks what is expressed in an old and out of use word, as out of use as the verb instar used by General Villas Bôas. It lacks verisimilitude.

For all these reasons, it is possible that the USB stick taken by Eduardo to Qatar even has a metaverse version of the coup, with a soldier, a corporal, a jeep and a coup-acting ET.

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