Scarlett Johansson returns to TV in a special way

The “vacation” Scarlett Johanssonwho haven’t released any new work since Black Widow, are nearing the end, with his casting for the television adaptation of the book just causeby John Katzenbach, which is special to the actress.

As it turns out, the series won’t be the first adaptation made of the mystery novel, the work has already inspired a film, which received the same name, released in 1995, which was one of the first films that Johansson starred in his career.

In addition to the actress’s history with just cause, the show will mark her return to television after nearly a decade, as well as her first fixed role in a seriessince in all previous productions of the type, she only participated in a few chapters.

The film follows Paul Armstrong (Sean Connery), a renowned Harvard professor and former lawyer, who after 25 years without acting in any case, is convinced to try to prove the innocence of a young black man, who is on death row.

Scarlett Johansson in a scene from the movie Just Cause
Scarlett Johansson in a scene from the movie Just Cause (Reproduction/Youtube)

Johansson, who was just 11 years old at the time she filmed the feature, played Katie Armstrong, the protagonist’s daughter.

According to the American website Deadline, as well as the film, the television series will make some changes to the original work, which features a newspaper reporter named Matt Cowart as the main character.

The book will not change the protagonist’s profession like the movie, but it will also change his name, in addition to his gender, bringing the star of Black Widow on paper, giving life to California newspaper reporter Madison “Madi” Cowart.

An initial synopsis indicates that Madi will be sent to cover the last days of life of a prisoner sentenced to death, named Robert Earl Ferguson, who swears to be innocent and guarantees that he was a victim of hatred and prejudice for being a black man.

Scarlett Johansson (Handout)

The reporter will believe what Ferguson says, and then decide that she herself will prove that he is not guilty. of the case for which he was convicted, and that the State is about to execute an innocent man.

The adaptation, which will be produced by Warner Bros, will feature a script by Christy Hall, who will also serve as executive producer, alongside Jonathan Lia and Keenan Flynn of These Pictures, in addition to Johansson, who is still the only cast member.

A contract was signed with Amazon Studios, so that its streaming service, Prime Video, makes available just cause in its catalogue, but the series still does not have a release date.

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