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With 16 selections confirmed, the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup have their eight games set.

From this stage, the countries measure forces in a single game and, whoever loses, is eliminated. The winner, on the other hand, is guaranteed in the quarterfinals.

According to tournament regulations, the top two teams from each of the eight first-phase groups advance to the knockout rounds.

The rankings are predetermined and the first placed in a group play against the second placed in the next group.

Netherlands, Senegal, England, United States, France, Australia, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, Croatia, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal and South Korea are the 16 surviving selections of the current edition of the Cup.

As it passed 1st in its group, Brazil will face South Korea (second place in Group H). If they win, Tite’s team will face Croatia or Japan in the quarterfinals.

After defining the selections classified in the round of 16, the quarterfinals are scheduled to start three days later, next Friday (9), and will also take place next Saturday (10). If it advances to the next stage, Brazil will play the game on Wednesdays at 12:00 on Friday.

Following the same rest period, the semi-final matches will be held at 4pm on December 13th and 14th. The Brazilian team, if it reaches this stage, will enter the field on the first date.

Those who are defeated in the semi will compete for third place, at 12:00 on the 17th. The grand final of the World Cup in Qatar, in turn, is scheduled for December 18, at the same time.

See the games and dates of the round of 16 (Brasília time):

  • Netherlands v United States (Saturday, the 3rd, at 12h)
  • Argentina v Australia (Saturday the 3rd at 4pm)
  • England v Senegal (Sunday the 4th at 4pm)
  • France v Poland (Sunday the 4th at 12pm)
  • Japan v Croatia (Monday, the 5th, at 12h)
  • Brazil x South Korea (Monday, the 5th, at 4 pm)
  • Morocco v Spain (Tuesday, the 6th, at 12h)
  • Portugal v Switzerland (Tuesday 6th at 4pm)

Check selections and their respective groups

  • Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal🇧🇷 Netherlands
  • Group B: EnglandWill, United StatesWales
  • Group C: ArgentinaSaudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
  • Group D: France🇧🇷 AustraliaDenmark, Tunisia
  • Group E: SpainCosta Rica, Germany, Japan
  • Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco🇧🇷 Croatia
  • Group G: BrazilSerbia, SwitzerlandCameroon
  • Group H: PortugalGhana, Uruguay, South Korea

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