Simply Love | Director regrets lack of diversity in film

the christmas classic Simply love won a special on television in celebration of its 20th anniversary, which interviews actors and the director, Richard Curtis, of the title. Curtis, incidentally, gave a curious statement about the feature film’s lack of diversity.

According to the EWthe director said in the special that I would like to be able to change certain elements of the production, in particular the lack of diversity in its characters. 🇧🇷There are things you would change, but thank goodness society is changing, so my film is bound to look outdated.“Curtis said.

🇧🇷The lack of diversity makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel a bit stupid.’ he continued.

Simply love it shows the lives of eight couples on the eve of Christmas, trying to deal with the problems of their relationships. Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson are some of the names that make up the cast.

The film is available for rent at YouTube🇧🇷 apple tv and Google Movies🇧🇷

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