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The Boys season four casts Rachel Getting Married star Rosemarie DeWitt as the estranged mother of Jack Quaid’s character, Hughie Campbell.

the boys cast Hughie’s absent mother for the next season. The series, which has been running on Prime Video since 2019, is based on the Wildstorm and Dynamite characters of the same name, a group of civilian vigilantes who are bent on taking down the corrupt group of superheroes known as The Seven. One of the group’s members is Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), who joined after the hero A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) killed his girlfriend. Although the show previously featured Simon Pegg as Hughie’s father, it wasn’t revealed until season two that his mother abandoned him when he was a toddler.

Per weekly entertainmentHughie Campbell’s mother has officially been cast in the next the boys season 4. In an announcement that also included the fact that Supernaturalby Rob Benedict and animal KingdomElliot Knight are joining the cast, it has been revealed that the role of Hughie’s mother has officially gone to Rosemarie DeWitt. All three performers have joined the cast as filming for the new season continues in Toronto.

Where do you meet Rosemarie DeWitt

Rosemarie DeWitt on Mad Men Talking to Don

DeWitt is an actress with a varied career in film and television, recognizable to pop culture fans of many stripes. Her most prominent role is probably the title role in Jonathan Demme’s 2008 Oscar-nominated film. rachel getting married, who sees her impending nuptials derailed by the arrival of her recovering addicted sister, played by Anne Hathaway. She continued her habit of playing the main characters’ sisters in projects including the Toni Collette Showtime series. United States of Tarathe 2012 magical realism film The Strange Life of Timothy Greenand the 2016 Damien Chazelle musical La La Land🇧🇷

DeWitt splits her time between drama and comedy, so her role in the boys will mark the first time she has appeared in a superhero project. However, she does have experience breaking into a major franchise, having starred in the 2015 horror remake. poltergeist in addition to appearing in seven episodes of the hit AMC series Mad Men🇧🇷 She also has experience in the sci-fi genre thanks to her work in 2012 the watch and a 2017 episode of the British tech horror anthology series black mirror🇧🇷

How Hughie’s Mom Could Join The Boys Season 4

Jack Quaid and Simon Pegg in The Boys After the Funeral

Given the fact that Pegg is also returning as Hughie’s father in the boys In season 4, this casting announcement will likely explain a big back-line for the character in the coming episodes. His mother is likely to make a surprise reappearance in his life, potentially causing family secrets to surface or simply forcing Hughie to acknowledge his abandonment, which could cause a rift between him and his father. So far, the show has revealed very little about her character, so she could come armed with information that shakes the very foundations of Hughie’s understanding of the world and his place in it. the boys🇧🇷

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