What is it, Zuckerberg? WhatsApp may become paid soon

Rumors circulating on the internet have left WhatsApp users very apprehensive about its use. The rumor says that the CEO of Meta, the company that runs Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, would be considering the possibility of charging a monthly fee to users of the version business of the app. Is it even possible?

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Most people expected that the news was just fake news and that the use of the messaging application would remain free for everyone, but unfortunately the rumors are real. There will be a charge, yes!

O whatsapp business is an alternative version of the messenger, which is very useful for companies thanks to all the tools it offers. Thus, due to its great growth among entrepreneurs, the version has been undergoing updates and changes. This movement gave birth to the WhatsApp Premium🇧🇷

The expectation is that the new model will be launched soon for the entire population.

WhatsApp Premium and its changes

In short, it will be the paid version of WhatsApp Business. It is even available for testing on some users’ devices. The official release has yet to take place. The values ​​of the plans were also not disclosed, however the forecast indicates that they will soon be made available.

Among the novelties that will be included in the novelty is the possibility of creating an exclusive link that directs the individual to the company’s chat. In addition, it will be possible to connect the same account on up to ten different devices, facilitating customer service.

In this way, the paid version of the application is optional, so the option for users to continue using WhatsApp Business without having to pay for it is still on the table. Until the new version is officially released, it is expected that some changes and updates will happen in the application.

Brazil will be the first country to receive the new version

During the WhatsApp Business Summit event in São Paulo, the Mark Zuckerberg announced that Brazil will be the country for the WhatsApp Premium pilot project. The CEO argued that even though several Brazilian companies use the messenger to communicate, it was still not possible to “discover” new businesses through him.

With that, the solution was to implement the possibility of carrying out searches for business accounts within the messenger, without the need to already have the number saved. Furthermore, the choice for Brazil was not by chance. The decision was taken because 92% of Brazilian cell phones have the application installed. The information is from Folha.

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