“When he found out…”; Brazilian journalist delivers unusual reaction from Pole when he learns the reason for Paulo Sousa’s resignation from Flamengo


Portuguese coach was fired by Flamengo in June of that year and a Polish journalist spoke out on the subject

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Flamengo is very close to announcing Vitor Pereira as its new coach for the 2023 season. This will be the third change in technical command since December 2021, when football director Marcos Braz chose to exchange Renato Gaúcho for Paulo Sousa, in June 2022 he decided to send the Portuguese away to bring in Dorival Júnior and now the current champion of Libertadores and Copa do Brasil will give his place to another Portuguese.

Of all the technicians mentioned, the one that no one missed was Paulo Sousa. The players, during the 6 months that the Portuguese was in charge, could not understand the idea imposed by the professional at the time. Many celebrated, even when the commander’s departure was announced. Who also congratulated Flamengo for dismissing Paulo Sousa was a Polish journalist.

Paulo Sousa, before taking over Flamengo, was the commander of the Polish national team in the World Cup qualifiers. The Portuguese left Poland in the “hand” without the country being 100% classified for the World Cup in Qatar at the time. The Poles only stamped the spot in the repechage.

According to journalist Rodrigo Mattos, the Polish reporter was thrilled with every piece of news that the Brazilian told about the coach that went wrong during his time at Flamengo: “I watched Croatia v Belgium alongside a Polish journalist who came to chat. When he found out I was from Brazil, his 1st question: “and Paulo Sousa huh?” Then I was thrilled with every thing I said that the coach tried at Flamengo and it went wrong “said Rodrigo Mattos who told one of the mistakes made by the Portuguese coach to an Internet user.

“I told him that he put Everton, a good midfielder, on the wing. How I was in 13th position in the Brazilian, how he tried to fit players into his scheme and it didn’t work, anyway ”, concluded the journalist.

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