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One of the greatest means of entertainment is television. Through TV, people can have access to several open and closed channels, such as soap operas, films, documentaries and much more.

However, one operational system of channels, mainly private, has hindered the correct consumption of services by Brazilians. The call IPTV has its signal installed in the device and works with the internet, releasing all channels available from other operators.

However, according to the Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), the platform has its operating days numbered in the country. That’s because the agency should soon suspend the operator’s services.

The agency recently reported that all illegal services will be blocked. In addition to IPTV, other operators illegally provide the same channel release service, charging monthly or annual subscriptions for consumption.

IPTV will be canceled in 2023

With the aim of putting an end to the transmission of illegal channels, Anatel informs that the suspension of services will take place until next year, through tools that will detect the illegal use of equipment.

It is worth mentioning that those who use this type of service may be committing a crime, offering the same punishments for those who produce the devices.

Anatel determines a fine of BRL 50,000 for abusive calls

THE National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) recently determined that companies that practice the so-called “abusive telemarketing” will be fined R$ 50,000. The decision was published in the Federal Official Gazette.

According to the agency, the action will be carried out with the aim of preventing companies from continuing to make excessive and annoying calls, lasting less than three seconds, carried out by robots. Calls are normally placed to check the status of the line.

After the latest data, Anatel determined that companies that make more than 100,000 daily calls would be blocked for 15 days. In this way, 16 billion short calls were permanently blocked.

Anatel’s new determination

According to the agency’s decision, telecommunications companies that use numbering resources must make available, within 60 days, a query tool so that it is possible to identify the holder of access codes for telephones of legal entities.

“The consultation should allow knowing, at least, the corporate name and the CNPJ of the user, accompanied by the indication of the telecommunications service provider from which the consulted access code was contracted”, informed the Anatel🇧🇷

Furthermore, the agency informed that it will make available a monthly list composed of the companies that make the most short calls. In addition, companies must submit the following reports every two weeks:

  • Blocking report;
  • Traffic report;
  • Top offenders report.

Therefore, companies that fail to comply with the new decree will be fined in the amount of R$ 50,000.

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