2022 is not over for WhatsApp yet: 2 news are coming!

It will be much easier to take photos and make videos on WhatsApp with the news announced by the platform. The new feature is surprising and no one expected the arrival of yet another facility for users. See how the novelty will work in the messaging application.

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The app is one of the most used in various parts of the world. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t check WhatsApp throughout the day to keep track of each new message that arrives. Or even send photos and videos to friends and share special moments.

WhatsApp photos and videos

The new feature in WhatsApp photos and videos is just another update designed by Meta, the company responsible for the app. Increasingly, the goal is to improve the user experience with tests that bring important innovations and surprising features.

Information about the new feature was spread by WABetaInfo, which always keeps an eye on all tests and news on WhatsApp. This time, according to the website, the changes will change the photos and videos and make the experience much simpler.

At first, the new function is only available to those who use the beta version of WhatsApp, which allows you to learn about the features still in the testing stages.

It’s a way to check out what’s new before sharing new features with all users, fixing possible bugs and making improvements.

Based on information from WABetaInfo, the tool will eliminate the need to hold the button to record videos via WhatsApp. In addition, it will be easier to switch between video and photo modes.

Even with all the anticipation for the launch of the new feature, there is still no prediction of when it will be released. But one thing is for sure, very soon platform users will have new ways to record videos and take photos on WhatsApp.

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