8 Best Brazilian Games for PC, Mobile or Console

The national development market has grown in recent years, with several Brazilian games gaining prominence not only here, but also in other countries.

It has something for everyone: racing, terror, shmup – the classic airship games –, shooting and even RPG🇧🇷 In order to honor these productions, we will list below the 8 best Brazilian games that you can add to your game library. Here we go?

1 – Horizon Chase Turbo (PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch)

Are you a classic fan? Top Gear released for Super Nintendo? Then you will certainly enjoy the package presented in Horizon Chase Turbo🇧🇷

As this is one of the most talked about Brazilian games here and in other countries around the world, it manages to gather a good package of tracks, in addition to a strong soundtrack and even a multiplayer mode to challenge other pilots. For those who enjoy racing games with a more retro style, this is certainly a full plate.

2 – Blazing Chrome (PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch)

Here’s another Brazilian game inspired by a great classic. In blazing chrome you control a character who must shoot everything that moves along the way, just like in Against and metal slug🇧🇷

Up to two players can join this journey that brings heavy weaponry to the protagonistswho fight to defeat machines and save humanity from the domination of these creatures made of metal.

3 – Chroma Squad (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Android and iOS)

For those who grew up watching power Rangers and other series involving defenders in colorful robes, the chance to enjoy what is presented in Chroma Squad it’s big.

Perhaps one of the oldest Brazilian games on this list, the idea here is to hire actors to participate in programs that are very reminiscent of Japanese-style series. tokusatsuwith the right to buy equipment and fight against giant monsters made of recyclable materials.

4 – Unsighted (PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One)

For those who enjoy action RPG with metroidvania elements, Unsighted emerges as an excellent option that has emerged with weight among the best Brazilian games. The story here involves exploring Arcadia, a futuristic city ruined by a war between humans and automatons.

It is in this scenario that the protagonist Alma takes action in an attempt to prevent her friends from becoming killing machines without reasoning ability – and all of this, of course, happens on a vast map for exploration and with many confrontations.

5 – The Legend of the Hero (PC)

The hero’s legend was born as a musical series created by the brothers Matheus and Marcos Castro on YouTube. The hero’s entire saga was narrated with background music, and it didn’t take long for this concept to be transferred to a game.

Inspired by classics like Wonder Boy in Monster Landthe purpose of this game is to accompany the protagonist’s journey with all actions presented in the form of music – including moments of battle against bosses.

6 – Gryphon Knight Epic (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

And among Brazilian games we also have something for fans of classic navinha games – and the representative on this list is Gryphon Knight Epic🇧🇷

The title mixes shmup and RPG concepts, giving the player control of Sir Oliver in stages with very varied settings. To finish off all the enemies that come along the way, the main character has some weapons and his trusty griffin, which helps him move around in all areas.

7 – Phobia St. Dinfna Hotel (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S)

Are you a fan of horror games? Then, Phobia St. Dinfna Hotel is a sure choice for you – and possibly one of the few big names in this genre among Brazilian games.

Featuring third-person gameplay, he has strong inclinations towards psychological tensionwith the right to several monsters on your tail, varied puzzles to test your skills, armed combat and upgrade system for your equipment.

8 – Dolmen (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

Finally, let’s close our list with Dolmena well-crafted soulslike that managed to get the public’s attention.

In this game, the protagonist is in the plane of Revion Prime and needs to survive different dangers to recover unique crystals. Possibly one of the most recent Brazilian games on our list, featuring dynamic combat and other elements capable of giving the title a special shine.

And for you, what are the best Brazilian games? Share your opinion with other readers using the social networks of voxel🇧🇷 Enjoy the indications!

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