8 controversial behind-the-scenes stories of famous series

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Coexistence is not always easy. Even if the people involved have similar tastes or similar personalities, disagreements happen in even the best of families. In the work environment, then, don’t even talk. Now, did you ever stop to think that the team behind your favorite series might be up against something similar?

As much as in front of the cameras everyone appears to be friendly, often that is not what happens behind the scenes. After all, as the saying goes, “Who sees a face does not see a heart”🇧🇷

With that in mind, we selected 8 controversial behind-the-scenes stories of famous series that shook the structures of the productions! Did you know any of them? Don’t forget to comment!

Two And a Half Man

Aired for 12 seasons, the comedy Two And a Half Man is a great example of how behind-the-scenes disagreements can affect a show’s direction. The controversy surrounding the production ranges from the media scandals of the actor Charlie Sheenwho was fired from the series in 2011, until disagreements between him and Chuck Lorrethe creator of the sitcom.

At the time, Sheen was facing a chemical dependencywhich made the recordings of the eighth season of Two And a Half Man were interrupted. The team’s requirement was that the actor seek help from a rehab clinic, but that’s not what happened. Although he initially expressed interest, Charlie Sheen ended up doing offensive statements for the production of the series, leading to his resignation shortly afterwards.

The move resulted in Sheen being replaced by Ashton Kutcher, but the switch was not enthusiastically received by the public, and ratings began to plummet. Soon, it wasn’t long before the series came to an end, in 2012.

Fresh prince of Bel Air

Another series that also did not escape behind-the-scenes intrigues was Fresh prince of Bel Airthe production that launched the career of Will Smith in Hollywood. Fondly remembered to this day, many people must still wonder why the Aunt Vivian change actresses in the middle of the program without further explanation. Well, it was all just misunderstandings behind the scenes.

Initially, who played the character was the actress Janet Hubertwhich remained on the series for three seasons before being replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid🇧🇷 But why?

The reason for Hubert’s departure was an accumulation of stress behind the camera. In addition to going through a difficult time in her life, Janet ended up fighting with Will Smith and falling out with other co-workers. To complete the unfriendly atmosphere, the studio had offered a terrible deal for the renewal of her contract, which resulted in her definitive departure.

House of Cards

House of Cards was one of the first original series of the Netflix that managed to stand out among the specialized critics and the public. Launched in 2013, the story follows the life of a power-hungry politician, who was played by the actor Kevin Spacey until he was fired by the giant streamingin 2017.

That’s because Spacey was involved in a series of scandals at the time after being accused of sexual assault. The allegations were driven by the movement #MeTooa campaign against sexual harassment that emerged in 2017 and which exposed the crimes of other personalities in the business, such as those of the producer Harvey Western🇧🇷

As a result, Spacey was fired from House of Cards and “replaced” by the actress Robin Wrightwho played the wife of his character and took on the role in the sixth and final season of the series.


A behind-the-scenes controversy that reverberated a lot around was the departure of the actress Ruby Rose from the series Batwoman🇧🇷 Protagonist of production in the first season, Rose caused an intense commotion on the internet after announcing, in 2020, that he would leave the program.

The great controversy behind this story is that, shortly afterwards, the actress used her social networks to report unsafe conditions behind the scenes of Batwoman🇧🇷 At the time, Rose claimed that she had suffered injuries while filming the production and that she had been forced by the producers to return to filming 10 days after undergoing emergency surgery.

In response to Rose’s accusations, the Warner Bros. refuted the actress’ allegations, stating that she had been fired because of her backstage behavior.

Despite the scandal, the studio decided to continue with Batwomancasting actress Javicia Leslie to take up the mantle of Kate Kane from that.

American Gods

The series American Godslargely responsible for adapting the renowned homonymous work of the writer Neil Gaimanalso starred in behind-the-scenes dramas at the time of its airing.

Although initially a critical success, the series was canceled after its third season by starz because of a drastic drop in ratings. Much of this came from the controversies that surrounded some members of the team behind the production.

In addition to having suffered from several change of showrunners over the seasons, the scandals increased even more when the actor Orlando Jones He was fired. The measure provoked a response from Jones, who used social media to accuse Charles Eglee, the executive producer of the third season, of Racism. Since then, interest in American Gods it went downhill from there, resulting in its cancellation.


the comedy Community is very dear to the audience that doesn’t miss the opportunity to see a sitcom, but did you know that the backstage of the series wasn’t that funny? All this because the actor Chevy Chasethe interpreter of piercewas not a very nice person on the set.

The actor left the show during the fourth season after being involved in some controversies. In addition to having made several criticisms of CommunityChase made a racist comment during the recording of an episode after refusing to film the scene described in the script.

At the time, the actor was not very satisfied with the direction of his character in the plot, but he even recorded a few more scenes for the fourth season before the conclusion. Soon after, he ended up officially leaving the series.

It is noteworthy that the actor Donald Gloverwho participated in the series, revealed in an interview with The New Yorkerin 2018, that Chevy Chase did in fact make racist remarks on set as a way to destabilize him.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy, the darling of medical students, also faced some minor problems behind the scenes. With 19 seasons currently running, it’s no wonder the show has been the subject of some controversy over the years, is it?

One of the scandals most remembered by fans involves the departure of the actor. Isaiah Washington and a fight with Patrick Dempseythe beloved Dr. Shepherd🇧🇷 Isaiah was fired in the show’s third season after using a homophobic term to refer to TR KnightO Georgeyour co-worker.

The conflict with Dempsey happened because, according to an interview with the star Ellen Pompeo to new york postin 2013, Isaiah almost landed the role of Derek in Grey’s Anatomya situation that may have compounded his distaste for the love interest of Meredith Gray on the Serie.

Another actress in the production who was involved in some controversies was Katherine Heigla Izzie🇧🇷 In addition to having criticized the episode recording format, Heigl withdrew her name from the 2008 Emmy dispute (she had already won an award at the 2007 ceremony for her performance in Grey’s Anatomy) because he believed he had not received a good enough script to warrant a nomination. All this and more resulted in his departure from the series in the sixth season.


If there’s a series that spared no effort with controversies, it’s glee🇧🇷 The music production of Ryan Murphy is fondly remembered to this day, but there are so many behind-the-scenes scandals that the love is almost overshadowed by the drama and conflicts that took place behind the camera.

Among the many rumors about disagreements, the best known involves a rivalry between the actresses. Lea Michele and Naya Rivera🇧🇷 The problem in this case was because the prominence that Rivera’s character was receiving on the program bothered Michele, which caused intrigue.

Also, rumor has it that Lea’s behavior behind the scenes wasn’t the nicest. Samantha Warean actress who also participated in the series, once said that Michele “makes your life hell” in season.

The death of Cory Monteith also shocked the world. In 2013, the interpreter of Finn was found dead after suffering an overdose. At the time, he struggled with chemical dependency and even walked away from glee for a while to recover in a rehabilitation clinic.

Another much more serious scandal involved the actor Mark Salling, arrested in 2015 for possession of child pornography. Prior to that, he was charged with sexual harassment in 2013. Salling pleaded guilty to the allegations during his trial in 2018 and was found dead shortly afterwards in his cell, suggesting a possible suicide.

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