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There is still a certain prejudice of some people, mainly men, regarding the presence of women in sports programs and/or transmissions.

A machismo, “Bolinha’s club”, which has nothing to do with and does not match the advancement of the world. The female participation, which is increasing day by day, not only in this, but in so many other sectors, is highly positive.

It is great to follow the work of professionals such as Ana Thaís Matos, Bárbara Coelho, Mylena Ciribelli, Renata Fan, Glenda Kozlowski, Renata Silveira, Tayná Espinoza, Lilliany Nascimento, Carol Barcellos, Marília Ruiz, Domitila Becker, Fernanda Colombo, Lívia Nepomuceno, Julia Guimarães, Karine Alves, Nadja Mauad, Renata Saporito, Natália Lara, Daniela Boaventura, Fabiola Andrade and many others. And, still, the luxury of leaving out the names of Fernanda Gentil, now in entertainment, and Janaina Xavier.

All, notice, interested in doing and presenting an ever better job, even to sign under what they are capable of. A progress, without a doubt, of the most positive.

The most, let’s face it, is prejudice. And delay. Or fear? Or all of it?

deserves mention

I don’t know, honestly, if there is another such important brand in sports, but even when it comes to women, it is worth highlighting Renata Fan’s time at the head of “Jogo Aberto” on Band.

More than 15 years. It premiered in January 2007. It deserves this recognition.


For those who followed the adventure that was in the early 1970s, broadcasting football on Rádio Mulher and reaching today’s stage, it was a story of achievements.

And that in São Paulo started much earlier with Regiani Ritter on Gazeta radio.

it was not easy

In fact, in football in the past, interviews after the game, in addition to the lawn, took place in the locker room itself. The entire press came in.

And Regiani always did her job, in the middle of a bunch of naked men, taking a shower or changing. Do not care.

And the movie?

SBT did not hold the cast of “Poliana Moça” and the farewells took place this week, with the termination of contracts.

All, including Sophia Valverde, Igor Jansen and Dalton Vigh, are now available to the market. With that, the idea of ​​taking “Poliana” to the cinema looks like it won’t succeed.


Commentator Walter Casagrande is the special guest on the episode of “A Culpa é do Cabral” that premieres next Monday at 9 pm on Comedy Central. Still on the same day, the episode will be available on Paramount +.

Casagrande talks about important moments in his career and participates in games.


Adrien Muselet is no longer in charge of Content Acquisition at Netflix – Brazil.

I took care of the original films. He took it upon himself to distribute a farewell message to the market.

Caio’s jewelry

Experiencing a special moment in his career with prominent roles on Netflix and Globoplay, Caio Castro is preparing to launch his first authorial collection of men’s jewelry and accessories with Key Design, a brand in which he has been a partner and creative executive since 2020.

Entitled C-Head (Caio’s head), the collection reveals a fascination of the actor that is still little known by the public: extraterrestrial life.


Endemol, today considered if not the first, but certainly one of the three largest content producers in the world, has not yet opened its studio complex in Guarulhos and there are already people interested in using it.

The site is able to meet the most different requirements.


Someone, one of the most important members of Band’s management, followed the latest events on CNN Brasil very carefully.

Of course, surprised and annoyed by the numerous cuts. But also very interested in knowing the situation of Márcio Gomes, who did not leave. And, to that person’s disappointment, it won’t even come out.


Confirmed for January the premiere of the 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” and exclusive screening on Sony Channel.

Work that marks the departure of Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) from the regular cast of the series.


Another film about Mariel Mariscot, a police officer from Rio de Janeiro, who will be lived by Renato Góes and accused of several deaths, will be shot next year in Rio.

In the past, in “Eu Matei Lucio Flávio”, also in the cinema, Jece Valadão played Mariel.


Maiana Neiva, actress and singer, away from TV for some time, released yesterday the video for her new song: “Marca Passo”.

The video was entirely shot in the interior of Paraíba.

Knock – Knock

• Sony Channel, quoted above, will air four medical series in January…

• … One of them is “New Amsterdam”, which follows the saga of the medical director of one of the public hospitals in the United States.

• Larissa Manoela, after making the soap opera “Além da Ilusion”, is still on vacation at Globo…

• … His entry in “Terra Vermelha”, Walcyr Carrasco’s novel was not confirmed…

• … Rafael Vitti, in turn, will not join the cast of “Fuzuê”

• “Amor de 4”, an original series on Canal Brasil, returns to the schedule this coming Monday, 10:15 pm.

• Regarding Canal Brasil, “Amigos, Sons e Palavras”, a program by Gilberto Gil, will have a new season next year.

• Fafy Siqueira is the guest of “Matéria Prima”, unprecedented, this Saturday, 20h, in Cultura. Presentation by Rafael Cortez.

• Xuxa resumed work on the film “Uma Fada Veio Me Visitar”, after being away due to Covid…

* … Fernanda de Freitas and Tatsu Carvalho are also in the cast of this new film by Xuxa.

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