After threat to Twitter, Apple raises tension and wages war against Elon Musk

Elon Musk has been moving around and being seen in the press more than ever in recent weeks. Since he bought Twitter, headlines involving his name and that of the social network have popped up in the four corners of the internet. Because? The most recent controversy with the billionaire involves one of the largest companies in the world: Apple.

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How did the situation between Elon Musk and Apple start?

In recent days, Musk has been publicly critical of Apple, particularly regarding App Store policies and fees. According to Tesla’s owner, the Silicon Valley giant stopped advertising on Twitter without explanation or apparent motivation. With that, he promised to remove the social network application from the store in question.

The businessman accused Apple of being against “free expression”. Although the company has not given any explanation for the alleged stoppage of ads, Musk believes it is retaliation. According to the billionaire, the multinational has been pressuring him about the new rules and decisions regarding the moderation of content on the platform.

The speech was endorsed by the businessman’s supporters, but was not even answered by the Apple team.

The curious thing is that the company was one of the biggest advertisers in the Twitter. It was even the company that most invested in ads on the social network in the first quarter of 2022. According to a survey carried out by the Reuters agency, Apple spent about US$ 131,600 between November 10th and 16th and US$ 220,800 between November 16th and 22nd. October.

This was all before Musk took over the platform’s reins.

It’s not just with Twitter

According to history, Apple’s disagreements are not just with Elon Musk. At other times, it had similar attitudes to other companies.

In 2021, she removed Parler, a social network similar to Twitter, from her app store after the US Capitol invasions. The software only returned to the App Store when it updated the rules and moderation policies.

The owners of Lbry also accuse Apple of making a similar move. According to them, the company asked that the application “filter some search terms”. In a publication, they said that the company “makes great products, but has been against free expression for some time”.

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