Apps to earn money in 2023: INCREASE YOUR INCOME!

Apps to earn money in 2023 – what are the best platforms to supplement income in the coming year? With Christmas and the New Year getting closer and closer, a huge number of Brazilians are looking for alternatives to expand their budget. In this scenario, micro task platforms are established as great options. After all, they don’t require investment or great levels of effort.

Nowadays, who wouldn’t want to earn money without investing or “sweating”? This is precisely the purpose of micro task apps. In these apps, users earn money by watching videos, downloading third-party apps, reviewing platforms, completing paid surveys, sharing referral links, and much more. So, what are the most interesting options to profit in 2023? See below!

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How do money making apps work?

Most of the time, income generating apps adopt the same operating model. This premise was popularized by online work platforms such as Fiverr and LifePoints.

Income generation, as a rule, works as follows: Users carry out the application’s activities, earn points for each completed task, accumulate scores, reach the minimum withdrawal amount and, eventually, request payments.

With regard to withdrawals, the method chosen varies from option to option. International apps most often pay via PayPal. National platforms, on the other hand, usually pay via Pix.

International shipments, it is worth remembering, take from 24 hours to 3 business days to be compensated. Transfers via Pix, as you already know, automatically fall into the indicated bank account.

Now that you know how micro task apps work; check below some interesting options to earn money with Android and iOS.

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Apps to earn money in 2023 – Get Money App

The Get Money App, available for download on the Play Store, already has more than 5 million active users, which proves its enormous popularity. The platform, it is worth remembering, only works on cell phones with the Android operating system.

To earn money on Get Money App users must fulfill platform activities. These tasks involve watching videos, clicking on sponsor offers, checking advertisements and answering paid surveys.

It is also possible to profit from sharing the referral link. In this case, users receive commissions on the earnings of the guests.

The minimum withdrawal amount of the Get Money App, according to the platform’s prints, is 5 dollars (via PayPal). To cash out, subscribers must accumulate 3.5 million points.

According to user reviews, Get Money App really pays. However, many users complain about the difficulty of reaching the minimum withdrawal amount.

To download the Get Money App, simply access🇧🇷

Match to Win – Cash Prizes

The App Store, Apple’s cell phone application store, has a much smaller number of income-generating applications. Most of the extra money platforms are only available for devices with the Android operating system.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make money on iPhone! The App Store brings some income supplement applications, most of them in the “Casuno” subcategory.

One of them is Match to Win, a fun matching game where users can win dollar rewards. In the game, the players’ objective is to combine pieces of identical colors and eliminate them from the screen, in the same style as CandyCrush.

At each completed phase, users receive a predetermined amount of points, which eventually can be exchanged for cash rewards.

The app also has other fun minigames, such as the roulette wheel and the slot machine. Payments are made via PayPal, and according to the app’s official description, users can earn up to 100 dollars (about R$ 500) per month🇧🇷

To download the games application, just access🇧🇷

LootUp Cash Rewards – Earn Cash on the Play Store

The LootUp Cash Rewards app, available on the Play Store, has around 100,000 active users. The app is a project by the US company Adscend Media, which is also responsible for other income-generating apps.

LootUp Cash Rewards users have multiple possibilities to earn money. It is possible to profit by spinning the daily roulette wheel, accessing the application every day, downloading game apps, playing digital games, watching advertisements and sharing the referral link.

It is also possible to guarantee cashback on virtual purchases, however, this method is not recommended. After all, cashback amounts cannot be withdrawn.

In the classic style of international platforms, LootUp Cash Rewards pays with PayPal. Users can also opt for other types of rewards, such as cryptocurrencies and gift cards from online stores (such as Amazon). The minimum withdrawal amount, according to the platform’s prints, is 1 dollar (about R$ 5). To cash out, subscribers must accumulate 100,000 points.

To download the task app, just go to🇧🇷

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Apps to make money in 2023 – Bingo Tour

Available for download only on the App Store, Bingo Tour is one of the most popular apps in the Casino subcategory. Developed by an Asian company, the app promises to distribute more than $400,000 in rewards to users.

To earn money, there is no secret: users must play the platform’s games and ensure good scores. The app has combination games, bingo, cards, strategy, slot machines (jackpot) and roulette🇧🇷

The app’s aesthetic adopts the classic Las Vegas style. Therefore, it is possible to earn money and have fun at the same time.

The app’s official page does not reveal the minimum withdrawal amount, but according to specialized websites, users can request transfers from 5 dollars (about R$ 25). Payments, as usual, take place via PayPal.

To find more information about the Bingo Tour and download the app, simply visit🇧🇷

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps, games, investment methods or income generation alternatives. We have no connection with the app or developer, we suggest that you carefully research and read all the information before downloading any application, registering on platforms or websites, or investing money.

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