B. Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña make a surprise at CCXP22

Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueñsurprise and receive a standing ovation at CCXP22 (Photo: Divulgação/CCXP/I Hate Flash)

Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña surprise and receive an ovation at CCXP22 (Photo: Divulgation/CCXP/I Hate Flash)

Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña led to CCXP22 crazy when they appeared, by surprise, on the 3rd day of the event, which runs until Sunday (4th) in São Paulo. The acting couple unveiled the first poster for 🇧🇷Blue Beetle🇧🇷which marks the debut of the Brazilian in the DC Universe.

In videos released on social networks, Marquezine appeared to be applauded by those present when she was introduced on the main stage of the event. While trying to introduce herself, she was interrupted several times by shouts of “Bruna! Bruna!” and was moved by the affection of the fans. Check out:

The actress spoke about her participation in the feature and stated that she really wanted to bring Brazil to the franchise, which features Hollywood weight stars, such as Henry Cavill🇧🇷 Robert Pattinson🇧🇷 Gal Gadot🇧🇷 Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa🇧🇷

Afterwards, she left fans hallucinated again by calling her “Blue Beetle” colleague – and alleged boyfriend -, Xolo, to the stage and unveiling the first official poster for “Blue Beetle”, which debuts on August 17, 2023 in US Brazilian cinemas. Check out:

“Blue Beetle” and Bruna’s Hollywood career

“Blue Beetle” revolves around teenager Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña), who finds an alien artifact in an abandoned lot on his way home from school with his best friends, Paco and Brenda. The scarab comes to life and grants you a mechanized exoskeleton and powers. Jaime assumes the identity of the Blue Beetle and uses his new abilities to help people.

jenny it is Bruna Marquezine’s first prominent role in international cinema. However, she had already participated in a smaller film, “Breaking Through: In the Rhythm of the Heart”, made for television and released in 2015, which still has an appearance by Anita🇧🇷 The last work of the actress before “Besouro Azul” was in the series “Maldivas”, on Netflix.

“I confess that I am very happy with my performance, with my performance, delivery, dedication. It took more than four months of work completely immersed in this character. This whole experience rescued a lot that self-confidence that I had lost, of believing in myself as an actress” , said Bruna in an interview with Yahoo!in September, about his participation in the film.

She even confessed that the positive response from her colleagues, especially the director of the feature, Angel Manuel Sotoand veteran actress Susan Sarandonwith whom she acted, also helped her during the process: “I really believe in my partners, who also praised my performance, and I am very attached to the word of my director and Susan Sarandon. If they believe in me, I don’t need to nobody else,” he joked.

Bruna said that her self-confidence was undermining over the years and, at certain times, she found herself with the impostor syndrome, believing that she was not good enough as an actress: “Several people suffer from this, from not feeling worthy of what they achieve, not validate what you have already achieved. Imagine, I made 15 soap operas in my life and said that nothing was enough or good enough. I said that ‘I didn’t build anything’. How come?”, admitted the actress.

“I believe that we have to work to not need validation from others, but there are certain moments when hearing people we admire reinforcing our beliefs, when we don’t believe in them, makes all the difference. People need to regain hope in them. People deserve what they deserve. where they are”, concluded Marquezine.

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