Botafogo confirms that it will travel to preparatory games in the United States during Carioca

In the official note in which he announced that he will not sign the Carioca Championship proposed by FerjO Botafogo he also reinforced that he will travel to the United States during the State to prepare for the Copa Sudamericana, Copa do Brasil and Brasileirão.

Glorioso plans to hold friendly matches in North American territory against clubs from Major League Soccer, the main league in that country, and also other teams from South America. In the text, Botafogo emphasizes the importance of “managing the use of the squad in the most beneficial way”.

“Botafogo plans the start of the season in order to manage the use of the squad in the most beneficial way, focusing on preparing for the Sudamericana, Copa do Brasil and Brasileiro. This means that Botafogo will play Carioca and also travel to the United States for important preparatory games against teams from MLS and South America”, says the note.

Botafogo did not give details, but should play at least in the opening rounds of the Carioca Championship with team B (under-23🇧🇷 The team commanded by Lucio Flavio starts training on December 15th aiming for State of Rio, which starts on January 14th.

In addition to youngsters from the sub-20 and bets that were signed for the B team, such as right-back Wallison, defender Henrique Vermudt and striker Janderson, the Botafogo B was reinforced by Hugo, Del Piage and Lucas Mezenga, who were in the main cast.

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