Brazil reserve loses and goes to the round of 16 with unnecessary noise

I’m at Lusail Stadium, a beautiful stadium, packed with happy fans — both Brazilian and Cameroonian. The stands are completely yellow, with a little green, because these colors are on the flags of both countries.

Let’s go to the first half of the game. It was slow for the most part, with some nice sprints from Rodrygo. But who saved the result until the break was Ederson.

The momentary equalizer was thanks to our Manchester City goalkeeper, who made two difficult saves. The second defense, in a header at the very end of the first half, was spectacular.

Of the Brazilians, Ederson, Fabinho, Bremer and Rodrygo did very well. And all the dangerous moves by the Cameroonian team were on the right side of our defense, exactly on top of Daniel Alves. With the ball at his feet, he was regular. But, in the marking, it was very bad, and it put the selection at risk.

Brazil had a weak first half, with the Africans being more dangerous. If anyone should turn the tide by winning, it would be Cameroon.

The second half started faster, with the Africans going up and causing danger a few times, but with Brazil responding and making the Cameroonian goalkeeper Epassy work well.

The game has become more enjoyable, but some things have become clearer.

Fred was again very bad in the game, missing passes and slow to leave with the ball. The midfield with him is embolado. He left to, once again, join Bruno Guimarães — who, in fact, should have been the team’s starter.

Full-back Alex Telles was regular in the match, but had the misfortune of getting injured and having to leave the game.

Rodrygo left, I believe, to be spared, because he was the best player in the squad and also in the offensive part.

Gabriel Jesus, in addition to not kicking a ball into the goal, also did not make a move. There are already 9 Cup matches as a center forward without a goal, and only one important finish, which was a header on the crossbar in 2018.

He played very poorly and Tite took a lifetime to put Pedro in — who, in my opinion, should also have been in the starting line-up. But the reality is his entry has barely changed the game in terms of performance.

Brazil was a team without aggression, without depth and, with the departure of Rodrygo, not very creative.

Now let’s talk about Daniel Alves again.

Also in the second half, almost all of the African team’s attacking moves were on their side. In the creation part, which Tite praises so much, nothing happened.

The end of the game was approaching and the team was completely disorganized on the field, looking like a group of friends who get together once a week to play ball at the club.

When, suddenly, he went up the plate with 9 minutes of added time.

Honestly, I didn’t see anything happen for all of this, but it’s being a FIFA refereeing commission rule.

And then what happened was almost obvious: a defeat by Cameroon with a goal by the best player on the team, number 10 Aboubakar, who was expelled for taking his shirt off in celebration.

Now we are equal to France, which lost to Tunisia.

Argentina, who lost to Saudi Arabia.

Spain, who lost to Japan.

And Germany, eliminated, who also lost to the Japanese.

The selection was booed on many occasions, and what I said could happen happened: it will carry unnecessary noise into the eighth rounds.

Criticism, charges, boos, mistrust… all because of Tite’s choice to field a reserve team in the last match of the first phase.

The Cameroonians deserved the victory because they remained organized throughout the game, against a completely messed up Brazil.

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