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Things are not looking good for the actress. Amber Heard and for the production of the sequel to Jason Momoa’s film, ‘aquaman 2🇧🇷 The feature, which was supposed to debut in March 2023, was again changed to release on December 25, 2023, after negative repercussions from Amber.

To recall, it is common knowledge that Amber Heard was the subject of the whole world after entering into a lawsuit with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, and which lasted a good few months. The case opened by Depp was a defamation case against Amber, between April and June, after the actress made three written statements against him in The Washington Post article.

The result of the trial came out on June 1 in which Amber won one of the lawsuits and received $ 2 million and lost a good part and had to pay $ 10 million to the actor. In the midst of all this and the accusations exchanged by them before the process actually happened, the actor was fired from “Fantastic Beasts” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the consequences were also spattered, more lightly, but also on Amber.

A fan opened a petition on the internet asking for Amber to be fired from “Aquaman 2” and another actress to play the role of Mera. The undersigned gained very high proportions in recent days, and now, it exceeds 4.6 million signatureswhich worries the producers of the feature, since this can cause problems and low box office for the production.

“Amber Heard was exposed as a domestic abuser by Johnny Depp. In the process, Johnny describes several incidents he suffered at the hands of his (then) wife, including punches he took in the face and one time she broke his finger on a vodka bottle. In fact, her finger was surgically reattached. He will carry these scars for the rest of his life.” says a part of the text published in the undersigned.

According to Deadline, the actress’s dismissal may occur, thus making the film undergo extensive reshoots as the undersigned is viralizing again. Officially there is still no confirmation if she will be removed from the film.

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