Corinthians publishes list of 30 subscribers for Copinha 2023; check out

This Saturday morning, Corinthians released the 30 base athletes who will defend the alvinegro mantle in Copinha 2023. As anticipated by Meu Timão last Thursday, players from the Under-20 and Under-17 categories appear on the list – check list below.

In theory, only athletes born before 2003 could participate in the competition, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, exceptions were created for this and the last edition. Thus, five athletes born in 2002 can participate in the tournament. Are they: Murillo, Alemão, Zé Vitor, Matheus Araújo and Riquelme.

On the other hand, three players who are among those listed were born in 2006: Pedro, Juninho and Guilherme Henrique.

As expected, Robert Renan and Giovane, who competed in the competition last year, were not listed as they are already professional athletes. Still, after the 2023 Cup dispute, Matheus Araújo and Murillo are the right names to join the main cast of Timão. Besides them, Biro, Arthur Sousa, Leo Maná and Wesley have already debuted professionally and are looking forward to being used by Fernando Lázaro.

This edition of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Junior starts on January 2nd. Timãozinho is in Group 12, based in Araraquara, in the interior of São Paulo, along with Ferroviária, Fast Clube and Zumbi.

Check the list of the 30 names related to the 2023 Cup

  • Goalkeepers: Kauê, Felipe Longo, Igor Eduardo and Cadu;
  • Sides: Abimael, Vitor Meer, Leo Maná and Caipira;
  • Defenders: Murillo, João Pedro, Renato, Alemão and Vinicius Cressi;
  • steering wheels: Zé Vitor, Riquelme, Ryan, Thomas Argentino and Gabriel Moscardo;
  • Socks: Matheus Araújo, Biro, Pedrinho, Breno Bidon;
  • Attackers: Arthur Sousa, Kayke, Felipe Augusto, Higor, Wesley, Pedro, Juninho and Guilherme Henrique.

See more at: Base do Corinthians, Copinha and Corinthians Sub-20.

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