CR7’s sister stops her husband from saying live that Bolsonaro won the election

Portugal had just lost, against South Korea, in the last round of Group H of the 2022 World Cup. At the exit of Education City Stadium, Katia Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, is spotted with her family and accepts talk to CNN Portugal🇧🇷 A potential relaxed conversation about the game itself, but which, for a little while, did not have the recent presidential election in… Brazil as its initial theme.

Hastily called by Katia to be part of the chat with the Portuguese media, the Brazilian husband Alexandre Bertolucci Jr. appeared on the scene, even before the live entry, with the following condition to appear in front of the cameras: to talk about Jair Bolsonaro’s defeat by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“I will only be interviewed if it is to say that Bolsonaro won the election”, said Alexandre, among other words and in a provocative tone, being promptly “reprimanded” by his wife.

“I’m here as a fan, not as Cristiano’s sister. We need to enjoy the World Cup, which will possibly be my brother’s last. the interview in progress.

wanted by UOL Sportthe journalist Margarida Neves de Sousa, responsible for production at the stadium gate, confirmed the story and took the opportunity to say that she did not understand the attitude of Alexandre, who is a businessman, especially since the report was aimed at the Portuguese public.

“I just told Alexandre that Bolsonaro had not been on the field and that the interview was about Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese national team. And I only did it live with Katia”, he explained.

katia - Reproduction - Reproduction

Katia Aveiro, sister of Cristiano Ronaldo

Image: Reproduction

Katia Aveiro, 45, has lived in Brazil since 2019, more specifically in Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul. It was in Rio Grande do Sul that she met her current partner, with whom she has a daughter: Valentina. Together, they already had a restaurant in the city.

The couple is famous on social networks for being in favor of the still president of Brazil. Katia, for example, has already publicly defended the anti-democratic demonstrations in the streets against the result at the polls on the 30th of October.

“I hate injustices. The truth has to be told: Brazil is at a standstill, the people are not losing strength, as they said on television. It is not true. Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are at a standstill, the people are in the street and won’t leave. I believe in a real Brazil. If anyone comes here to offend me, I’ll block it. This is my space, this is my vision”, he wrote, in early November, on Instagram.

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