Crass and obvious errors in Tite’s call up charge the bill now

That Tite’s call-up was bad and unbalanced has always been obvious and said HERE, and not just here, with all the letters. Now, Tite’s blunders could not charge the invoice if there was no problem from Qatar, which is very rare. The norm, in the World Cup, as in any club championship, is for players to be out, either due to suspension or injury.

Let us remember, I repeat, what has ALWAYS been obvious:

1) In the first Cup with 26 squads, it was never appropriate to take only four defenders. It is not possible to predict who will be injured, but it is obvious which defender is more likely to be booked.

2) The call-up of Daniel Tantã Alves (Grandpa Olímpico, who hasn’t played well on the wing since 2019 and hasn’t played since September) is a complete aberration as the embarrassing performance against Cameroon underlined, E Militão, when he was moved to play on the wing because Daniel Alves is coffee with milk, it reduces the options for the defense even more. Which almost makes it impossible for Marquinhos to improvise on the left side

3) Gabriel Magalhães, who was called up during the cycle, is a left-handed defender, something Brazil doesn’t have because Tite made a mistake. If he had been called up instead of Gabriel Jesus (who won’t be missed in the slightest now given the absurd number of forwards called up), he could have been an emergency option for the side with the absence of Alex Sandro and Alex Telles.

4) Strikers can be booked, but with a minimum of attention and professionalism, they can go through the entire Cup without being suspended. Defenders, meanwhile, defensive midfielders, laterals and defenders, are much more subject to warning. It was always obvious. You have to be a professional ironsman, without any critical sense or independence, to argue that it was impossible to predict that Fred (midfielder) and Militão (defender/winger) would arrive hanging in the playoffs hanging with a yellow card.

5) France, Spain, Argentina and Portugal, who are also fighting for the title, were also embarrassed at the World Cup, respectively, with Tunisia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. And England, the best attack and best campaign in the Cup, only tied with the United States. Brazil can still be champions and, incidentally, found a way to increase their chances, despite the fiasco with Cameroon.

6) Colonized fanatics who repeated that it was not possible to bet, for example, on Gustavo Scarpa and Gabigol (on a list of 26!) in Qatar because Brazilian football is not a parameter must be satisfied with yet another ridiculous World Cup by Gabriel Jesus ( who plays in the Premier League, or “Premier League”, as they call the most affected), who, before the cut, completed 8 games without doing absolutely nothing in Russia and now in Qatar.

7) The World Cup is not the school’s internal championship in which all friends have to play a little bit and the order of registration at school puts you at the front of the queue. In professional football, in the World Cup, the cycle and the process are of absolutely no use and the best team on the day of the game, in the month of the World Cup, wins. Screw Fred if he’s been on the cycle too long.

Read the columns of the Qatar World Cup games

Cameroon 1 x 0 Brazil

Poland 0 x 2 Argentina and Saudi Arabia 1 x 2 Mexico

Wales 0 x 3 England and Iran 0 x 1 United States

Netherlands 2 x 0 Qatar and Senegal 2 x 1 Ecuador

Portugal 2 x 0 Uruguay

Brazil 1 x 0 Switzerland

South Korea 2 v 3 Ghana

Serbia 3 x 3 Cameroon

Spain 1 x 1 Germany

Croatia 4 x 1 Canada

Belgium 0 x 2 Morocco

Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

Argentina 2 x 0 Mexico

France 2 x 1 Denmark

Poland 2 x 0 Saudi Arabia

Tunisia 0 x 1 Australia

England 0 x 0 United States

Netherlands 1 x 1 Ecuador

Qatar 1 v 3 Senegal

Wales 0-2 Iran

Brazil 2 x 0 Serbia

Portugal 3 x 2 Ghana

Uruguay 0 x 0 South Korea

Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon

Belgium 1-0 Canada

Spain 7-0 Costa Rica

Germany 1 vs 2 Japan

Croatia 0-0 Morocco

France 4 x 1 Australia

Mexico 0 x 0 Poland

Denmark 0-0 Tunisia

Argentina 1 x 2 Saudi Arabia

United States 1 v 1 Wales

Senegal 0 x 2 Holland

England 6 x 2 Iran

Qatar 0 x 2 Ecuador

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I’m Vitor Guedes and I have a name to protect. And care, of course, comes from ZL! It’s us at UOL!

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