Death row man survives 18 lethal injection attempts

The United States is the only developed nation that regularly uses the death penalty. The country was the first to develop lethal injection as a method of executing convicted prisoners. The method is already adopted by 54 other countries. Depending on the reason, the person sentenced to death can choose between lethal injection or shooting by request in court.

A death penalty convict for murder, identified as Alan Eugene Miller, surprised his executioners by surviving at least 18 lethal injection attempts. Now, the man will be subjected to an unprecedented method of execution in the state of Alabama that involves the use of nitrogen gas.

Alan was on death row after shooting three people to death at his workplace in Birmingham.

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The failed execution attempts took place on September 22 of this year. At the time, the medical team was unable to find a vein to inject the lethal liquid into the detainee. According to Alan’s lawyers, he was in a lot of pain during the process.

“Mr. Miller could feel his veins being pushed inside his body by needles. Nauseated, disoriented, confused and afraid of whether he was about to be killed… blood was leaking from some of his wounds”, – described the defense.

Lawyers filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Alabama, which ruled this week that Alan will not be subjected to lethal injection. Instead, the prisoner will be executed via nitrogen hypoxia, a method considered more “humane” but not yet used.

In this case, Alan will be forced to breathe pure nitrogen gas through a mask, which fatally lowers his blood oxygen levels. There is still no date for the application of the penalty.

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