Defeat can be the “talisman” of the Selection for a title in the Cup; understand

By not beating Cameroon, Brazil broke the unbeaten mark in the group stage in Cups with 32 teams.

By not beating Cameroon, Brazil broke the unbeaten mark in the group stage in World Cups with 32 selections. Photo: (Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)

For the first time in the history of the World Cups with 32 teams since the initial phase, none of the contenders for the title won the three matches played. In the Qatar World Cup, which is being held between November 20th and December 18th of this year, Brazil had the chance to maintain this mark, since Portugal lost against South Korea, but the goal by Vincent Aboubakar, who decreed the 1-0 for the African squad, made those commanded by Tite end the group stage with 6 points added.

In just three other editions, no selection had 100% success in the group stage: 1958, when Brazil took the first world championship, in 1962, edition that marked the second championship, and in 1994, when Romário, Bebeto and company stamped the fourth championship Brazilian. In 58 and 62, the Worlds had only 16 teams, while 1994 had 24.

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See the years in which teams had 100% in the group stage:

1998 (2): France and Argentina;

2002 (2): Spain and Brazil;

2006 (4): Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Spain;

2010 (2): Argentina and Holland;

2014 (4): Holland, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium;

2018 (3): Uruguay, Croatia and Belgium.

When will Brazil play again in the World Cup?

The return of the Brazilian National Team in the World Cup in Qatar will be next Monday, when they will face the South Korean National Team in key 4 of the round of 16. At four in the afternoon, at Estádio 974, Brazil is looking to qualify for the quarterfinals 2, where Japan or Croatia can appear in the path of the Canarinhos.

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