Do you want to earn well? THESE 5 professions will BOMB in 2023

No matter our age or stage of life: there is always time to make changes in our careers. Whether to evolve and grow within an area or change areas completely.

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When we talk about career transition, one of the main objectives that lead people to do this is remuneration. Receiving a better salary, in addition to having a better quality of life, is what leads many to learn a new profession.

Are you thinking about making this move in your life in 2023? Check out the professions that promise the best salaries in the current market.

Petroleum Technician

By working in this area, you will work on the front line of offshore oil extraction processes. The Petroleum Technician discovers and explores the deposits. Another function is to monitor the manufacture of products derived from the Petroleum and their commercialization.

Software Developer

With this profession, you can earn up to R$ 7 thousand per month. You will develop the most varied types of software, websites, programs or systems. For this, you will learn programming languages. It’s a career for those who are focused and don’t see problems with spending many hours on the computer.

Application Developer

Those who like this world of codes can also develop applications and earn up to R$ 5,400 per month. It is necessary to study well so that the programs run well on a small screen, with a processor many times lower than that of the computer.

Information Security Analyst

You will define the technological architecture responsible for information security. The goal is to avoid vulnerabilities that generate the dreaded virtual invasions. an attack of hacker can cause billionaire losses, so this profession has been increasingly valued.


Those who work in this area organize and supervise the work of other professionals needed in a construction project. An example of this are electricians, plumbers, masons, painters, helpers, carpenters and hydraulic firefighters. You have to be a good leader and have good contacts.

Regardless of the profession you choose, know that you need to dedicate yourself, study, meet new people and be open to opportunities.

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