Emily Ratajkowski leaves with Pete Davidson and enjoys photos of Kim Kardashian

After the international press claimed that Emily Ratajkowski is the new girlfriend of Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s ex, finally the paparazzi got the first pictures of the two together, confirming that they would be starting a loving relationship, although ‘nothing serious’ yet.

According to sources – and the model’s own recent comments, which claimed that now that she’s single, after filing for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard, – she wants to date “a lot of men and a few women.”

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On Thursday, November 17th, after his meeting with Pete DavidsonEmily Ratajkowski liked some photos that kim kardashian posted on her Instagram, where she appears smelling a huge bunch of red roses.

For some followers it was a show of support for Kim, but for others perhaps it was a more provocative response that they ‘enjoyed’ the night with the comedian. Still others went further in the imagination, about the possibility of a threesome, and speculating that the flowers could be a gift from Ratajkowski.

The 31-year-old model was spotted hanging out with Davidson the day before amid reports that they “really like each other”.

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The 29-year-old actor was also at Ratajkowski’s home in New York’s West Village on Wednesday, celebrating his birthday with the model. The two later met in Brooklyn, with the model greeting the comedian with a hug.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dated for nine months before splitting in August.

Ratajkowski, meanwhile, filed for divorce from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September amid speculation of cheating.

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted kissing the DJ Orazio Rispo, in New York, United States. The 31-year-old model has been single since the end of her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClardwith whom he has a son, little Sylvester.

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Photo: Grosby Group

According to Page Six, Emily Ratajkowski would have had a relationship with leonard di caprio🇧🇷 The actor, who does not talk about his personal life, did not confirm the involvement.

Orazio Bispo, who lives in New York, has already been seen with the Brazilian model Raica Oliveira at fashion events, and according to the international press, the DJ speaks five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Emily Ratajkowski, Brad Pitt
Emily Ratajkowski, Brad Pitt / Playback / Instagram / YouTube

This week, Emily Ratajkowski finally answered the question everyone wanted to know: she and brad pitt, with whom he would also be having an affair, are they really a couple? People magazine recently confirmed that the two are leaving, but not exclusively, as the model is in the middle of the process of divorce from the father of her child after being betrayed by him, and Pitt, as everyone knows, is involved in a real controversy with your ex, Angelina Jolie🇧🇷

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While none of the celebrities have commented on the rumors directly, Emily did drop a hint about her relationship status during a recent interview. to “Variety” magazine, and based on what she said, she seems to answer a lot of questions.

Emily opened up about being ‘newly single for the first time’ in her life:

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“I feel like I’m enjoying the freedom of not being super concerned about how I’m being perceived,” she said in references to the rumours, without elaborating further.

The model filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in early September. They split in July after getting married in early 2018.

Emily Ratajkowskiselfie
Photo: Playback/Instagram/@emrata

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