Find out how to earn R$50 from Nubank; promotion VALID in DECEMBER

Are you tight with the end of the year and in need of more money? Well, Nubank may have the perfect solution for you, in a simple and practical way.

To better understand, Nubank is providing R$ 50 to its customers in the month of December. The application process is extremely agile, and the amount is available immediately, to spend as you wish.

In general, to access R$50 from Nubank, just follow a few extremely quick steps. Also, it may be that the grant amount is even higher than expected.

Aroused your curiosity? Learn now how to get R$ 50 at Nubank even today!

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How to get R$ 50 in Nubank today

First of all, it is necessary to point out that Nubank is one of the most used financial institutions worldwide, including by the financial public. In Brazil alone, fintech users exceed 66 million. That is, all of them with active records.

In this sense, fintech is always looking for the best options for its customers, taking into account such popularity. The focus is precisely on providing different means of granting credit, with several specific possibilities for your audience.

In this way, with the arrival of the end of the year and the approach of commemorative dates, Nubank is offering BRL 50 to its customers. In other words, new fintech users can count on an initial limit of BRL 50 on their credit card, upon request.

But wait, there is even better news! The displayed value is only the initial limit. That is, there are great possibilities that users can count on even greater values.

This is because the availability of credit depends only on an assessment of the consumer’s profile. Therefore, the better the purchase history of that individual, the greater the limit offered to him.

However, if the user is still faced with only R$50, there are some guidelines that can easily increase this amount.

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Guidelines for increasing your credit limit

As mentioned in the previous topic, even though the user’s initial limit is BRL 50, there are some possibilities that can easily increase this amount. That is, according to the instructions provided by the Nubank team itself, the fintech’s focus is precisely to increase the limit for customers.

However, for this to be possible, the first guideline, despite being the most cliché of all, is precisely to be a good user. More specifically, Nubank takes card usage and customer payment history very much into account. Therefore, the more the consumer uses the available limit, and even the debit function, the easier it will be to get an increase.

Another crucial point for those who want to have more limits is through the new feature of Open Finance. For those who don’t know yet, Open is a new tool that aims to provide customer data sharing. That is, the payment histories and the profile of each consumer.

Therefore, the institutions manage to establish a direct contact, aiming to find the best options for the clients. To use Open, therefore, just find the option in the application of the institution you prefer, such as Nubank ( and agree to the terms.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that institutions only share the data that the customers themselves authorize. Therefore, there is no risk to the security of personal data.

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