George Clooney reveals embarrassment when kissing Julia Roberts in new film, and explains the curious reason

In a recent interview with the British radio program “Zoe Ball Breakfast Show“, from BBC Radio 2, George Clooney revealed an awkward moment he spent with Julia Roberts on the recording of “Ticket to Paradise“, new film starring the duo. The star had to kiss the actress in front of his wife, Amal Clooney, and their twin children, Alexander and Ella, five years old. “My wife and kids came to set right on the day we were doing this. You know how it is, take the kids away. Anything but watching daddy kiss [outra mulher]🇧🇷 relaxed the actor.

In the new romantic comedy, the cinema giants play ex-partners who travel to Bali in an attempt to prevent their daughter, hopelessly in love with a boy, from repeating the same mistake they made in the past. Of course, as in any good romance story, the divorced end up finding moments of passion and tenderness! And it was precisely because of one of these moments that the discomfort outside the screens was noticed. “It’s kind of silly, kissing someone who isn’t your person is weird”added in the chat, the star of “Uma Linda Mulher”.

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Of course, for Clooney and Roberts, longtime friends, the embarrassing moment did nothing to interfere with their enthusiasm for co-starring in yet another production together. “We received [o roteiro] at the same moment, and there was a strange synchronicity in being around at the same time to read it.”, said Julia about the kiss. The actor continued: “We both said at the same time ‘if you do it, I’ll do it’. I don’t think we could have done this with anyone else, that’s how I felt.”

The work, which has been showing in Brazilian cinemas since the second week of September, marks the fifth time that the actors star side by side. Asked what it felt like to kiss a close friend on camera, Clooney joked: “Depends on the friend”🇧🇷 🇧🇷You never had a problem kissing Brad Pitt.” concluded Roberts, making everyone laugh.

Universal Pictures Presents The World Premiere Of "ticket To Paradise"
George Clooney and Julia Roberts co-star again in “Ticket to Paradise”. (Photo: Getty)

Several were the successes of the duo, such as “Confissões de uma Mente Perigosa”, “Onze Homens e um Segredo”, “Doze Homens e Outro Segredo” and “Jogo do Dinheiro”. Now, they promise to make the public laugh out loud with “Ticket to Paradise”, a film that configures Julia Roberts’ return to the romantic comedy genre, after almost a decade away. On the other hand, the actor insisted on calling himself the “king of romantic comedies”, in a relaxed tone.

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