Google Creates Artificial Intelligence (AI) That Will Save Lives

Despite being a technology company focused on the internet, Google’s search area is extensive. From robotics to medicine, there are several segments targeted by the organization, which has ambitious projects for the future. Taking advantage of the growth, the company announced an Artificial Intelligence that identifies the risk of breast cancer in patients.

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Breast cancer is one of the most common tumors

After skin cancer, breast tumors are the most common, affecting women but also men. As for the female audience, it is currently one of the main mortality factors. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to detect the disease at the beginning, leading to serious consequences, from breast removal to death.

Remember that early diagnosis saves lives

Early diagnosis of any illness increases the assurance of a positive prognosis. Therefore, the treatment becomes less painful and the chances of recovery are much greater. Numerous institutions around the world are trying to understand the best method to prevent women from being treated before reaching a critical state of health.

How Artificial Intelligence works

This Wednesday, the 30th, Google obtained a research license on AI. ProFound AI, as it was named, evaluates digital tomosynthesis images, also known as 3D mammography. When scanning the photos, it interprets calcifications and other normalities, which present a risk of causing malignant alterations in the short and medium term.

A breakthrough for the hospital radiology sector

There is an urgency surrounding the validation of the project, given that it is a public need in many countries. The commercialization of the technology is expected to take place by 2024, with the support of hospitals who already widely use radiography equipment. In addition to being more efficient in diagnosis, it issues reports in less time, increasing the number of beneficiaries who need to undergo clinical examinations.

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