Google releases stable version of Chrome 108 with new features and performance improvements

Google Chrome remains one of the fastest and most complete browsers today. This is due to the constant evolution of its resources, with each new version presenting news and improvements.

After another month of the launch of the preview version of Chrome 108 beta, Google announced the release of the stable version with interesting features and improvements in the user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

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02 Dec

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02 Dec

The first novelty of the new version of Navegar aims to make life easier for developers who face difficulties between the differences in different browsers and different operating systems.

Google and Apple have always had different approaches when it comes to showing application content and how the virtual keyboard of their respective operating systems would integrate with the screens.

In Chrome 108, the virtual keyboard will have variable behavior and will allow developers to choose the best way to use it on their websites.

Another interesting novelty in the new version of the browser is the resource to save energy and memory. With it, it will be possible to put tabs in hibernation and choose which exceptions to make when the function is active or disable it completely in the performance section in the settings.

Already on Android, the reformulation of the omnibox is introduced, a concept that Google uses to define the search bar and addresses at the top of the Android browser. It now has the aesthetic elements of Material You and brings a more consistent graphical experience to the user.

Websites will also recognize support for COLRv1 vector characters, introduced in Chrome 98, which allows Google to bring lighter fonts and emojis with more defined colors. Additionally, users will be able to add notes to saved passwords detailing their security information.

Google Chrome 108 is now available in the app stores of their respective operating systems. To check out all the news, just click here.


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