Hideo Kojima’s new game confirms actress Elle Fanning in the cast

Still without a confirmed title, the next project of Hideo Kojima confirmed the casting of a name in the cast. It’s about the actress Elle Fanningwho will voice, look and act for one of the characters in the game.

The discovery took place during the event PAX Australia🇧🇷 The Kojima Productions booth featured a mysterious poster, accompanied by a QR Code. When scanned, the code takes the user to the developer’s website and, within the domain, the poster can be seen in full.

The publicity poster.The publicity poster.Source: Kojima Productions

Younger sister of fellow actress Dakota Fanning, Elle has participated in productions such as neon demon🇧🇷 maleficent and Super 8🇧🇷 This will be the actress’s first time working on a game.

Hideo Kojima’s Mysterious Project

In addition to the photo, the image brings the question “Who am I?”🇧🇷 In another promotional art for the same project, the poster raises another question: “Where am I?”.

Kojima himself anticipated that the revelation was close – and several people had already solved the riddle that the actress in question was Fanning by analyzing the silhouette and face of the teaser.

The developer even hinted that two big names are missing from the cast – and that they will also be presented during conferences or events, the last of which remains a mystery.

Other speculations point out that the also actress Margaret Qualley, the Mama from Death Stranding, will also be on the project. Rumors from July 2022 indicate that the title is called Overdose and will have horror elements, but so far these details have not been confirmed by the developer.

It is also not possible to know if this is the same game from the producer that has Xbox support. There is also alleged information that a sequel to Death Stranding would also be in development.

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