It went out? FIFA uses special camera to confirm Japan’s goal that knocked Germany out of the World Cup

Entity released images showing that the goal was validated correctly, as the ball did not leave the field of play

The goal that sealed the Japanese vacancy in the round of 16 and decreed the fall of Germany in the group stage of world Cup from Qatar continues to cause controversy. After all, did the ball go out or not?

This Friday (2), the fifa commented on the controversial move, which at the time of the game was reached for about five minutes and validated by VAR🇧🇷

The highest football entity published two videos on social networks to explain the applied technology.

According to FIFA, the referees used goal-line camera footage to confirm whether the ball was partially on the line or not.

”Japan’s second goal in the 2-1 win over Spain was checked by VAR to determine whether the ball had gone out of play. The video match referees used the goal line camera footage to check whether the ball was still partially on the line or not”said the organization in the first video showing the goal.

“Other cameras may provide misleading images, but based on available evidence, the entire ball was not out of play”, says Fifa in the second video in which it shows that the ball was inside the field.

With the goal, the Japan was declared victorious over the Spain by 2 to 1 and advanced in 1st place in the E. The Spaniards also qualified, but in 2nd position, leaving Germany and Costa Rica outside.

Now the Japanese face the Croatia on Monday (5), at 12:00 (Brasília time), with a vacancy on Wednesdays. Spain faces Morocco on Tuesday (6), at the same time.

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