Man who earns BRL 600,000/year to ‘read the newspaper’ sues company

A chief financial officer of the Irish Rail rail network in Dublin, Ireland, is suing the company because he says his duties were reduced after he disclosed confidential company data nine years ago. The lack of assignments would be a punishment and, given the scenario of boredom and, in practice, not having jobs assigned to him, the Irishman decided to go to court.

Dermot Alastair Mills earns an annual salary of BRL 665,000 (121,000 euros), but his workday consists only of “reading newspapers, eating sandwiches and taking long walks”, according to the newspaper “Irish Times”.

Mills testified at a hearing in 2014, denouncing irregularities – something that gives him protection under local law – and claims he was punished for exposing accounting issues at the railway operator.

Irish Rail said at a hearing on Tuesday that Mills had handed over confidential information, but denies that there has been any punishment against him.

Original role involved a lot of money: Mills’ representative, industrial relations consultant and former head of HR at Irish Rail, John Keenan, said his client was responsible for budgets worth more than €200,000 between the years 2006 and 2007.

After the allegations, Mills says he was “prevented” from taking responsibility and also lost the function of preparing the statutory report to the government.

“I started with what seemed like a reasonable mission in 2013 and 2014. It slowly whittled down to nothing,” Mills said.

He said he was “isolated” at his workplace. “I either work from home or go to the office – two days at home, three days at the office,” he said.

“If I go to the office, I come in at 10 am. I buy two newspapers, the Times and the Independent, and a sandwich. I go into my cubicle, turn on the computer, check the e-mails. There are no e-mails associated to work, no messages, no communications, no communications from colleagues. I sit, read the papers and eat my sandwich. So if there’s an email that requires a response, I respond. If there’s work associated with it, I do that work “, he told about his routine.

Mills also said he was excluded from company meetings and training opportunities.

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