Meta launches AI that performs TCCs, summaries and even equations

Think of the following situation: you arrive home tired, wanting to rest and unwilling to do your college homework. At some point, you dream of being able to ask for help, don’t you? Would you accept the help of an Artificial Intelligence in this situation?

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So, this is a close reality with the existence and advances of Artificial Intelligence. Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, launched Galactica in a demo version. Let’s go on!

What is Galactica?

It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) model that is based on several scientific articles and is capable of performing various academic functions: production of abstracts, TCCS and mathematical problem solving through command prompts that assemble texts.

The AI ​​is trained with different sources and is able to contextualize the most different themes. The action of “generating more” makes this technology suggest and add content.

It is enough, only, to have the given topic and an academic narrative will be created. Simple, isn’t it?

Can I use the tool?

At the time of publication, it is no longer possible to use the tool. It remained in the air for two days and is no longer usable. When the site is accessed, a thank you message for using the Galactica demo is displayed.

An important speech that drew attention was that of Jon Carvill, who is the spokesperson for Artificial intelligence da Meta, speaking to CNET, he said: “It’s short-term exploratory research with no plan to become a product.”

There is also care that false information is mistaken for true and is also part of the TCC composition of thousands of people.

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic

There are those who support it, and there are those who believe that people cannot take credit for something that was not done for them, despite their commands.

Applications that perform mathematical tasks are popular and can be downloaded from online stores. They also bring resolutions with formulas, the step by step that is concerned with the student’s learning.

In the case of the TCC, the probability of the user revising is low when already done for something that should already have been revised correctly. Another example is in artistic competitions: much is said about artificial intelligence replacing manual work and the gift of people. This subject will be increasingly present in our daily lives!

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