Natalie Portman talks about beauty, self-esteem and sisterhood

Natalie Portman – Photo: Sofia Sanchez

She grew up in front of the cameras. Even a brand new GenZ representative is able to visualize the image of the actress with her short bangs in “The professional”aged just 12, in the early 1990s. A now vintage image that marked the career of Natalie Portman and determined her longevity as an icon of beauty, style and talent on and off screen.


Since then, she has accumulated successful roles in films such as “Closer”🇧🇷 “Black Swan” and “Jackie”with an Oscar along the way, and is highly acclaimed as Jane Foster in the franchise of “Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder”🇧🇷 The Israeli-born actress and ambassador for dior beauty exudes a confidence that seems to increase with age. Currently the face of Rouge Dior Forever lipstick, she spoke to bazaarfrom his home in Los Angeles:

As the face of Dior, what kind of message do you imagine passing on to the female audience in your campaigns?

I insist a lot on the sisterhood between women, on the importance of being united, of helping and encouraging one another. We are a team, after all. It’s about the best combination of beauty and power, and the energy behind that relationship. The modern woman is capable of doing whatever her heart desires. We play different roles, there are so many aspects involved, so many dreams and I think that beauty is the way to express these different feminine selves, to create your own self.

Who is the Dior woman today?

She is a modern heroine who asserts herself with confidence and who enjoys being surrounded by other women, celebrating female power together. Since the brand’s inception, Dior has had an unwavering commitment to women. It makes products that I can be proud to promote because they are somehow modern and timeless. The team is also collaborative, creative and kind.

How is your beauty routine?

I’m quite a minimalist, but I never sleep without taking my makeup off! In the morning, I use Joëlle Ciocco’s toner and then I use Tata Harper’s moisturizer. Then I apply a sunscreen. I always carry two lipsticks with me. I like Dior Addict Lip Glow, which gives a natural tone to everyday lips. And Rouge Dior 999, a red that I love and that comes into play if you need a little extra energy. I also love the Dior Creme Abricot cuticle cream. Help me not to bite my nails!

What is your infallible beauty advice?

Leave your eyebrows alone! (Laughter) Drink lots of water and never stop using sunscreen, most importantly.

Natalie Portman – Photo: Sofia Sanchez

How do you maintain physical and mental health?

I’ve recently started meditating at work, especially when I have short breaks, as it really keeps me focused, present and energized. I have been vegan for ten years and vegetarian before that. I also like to run, I do Pilates, Gyrotonic and yoga when I have time. I try to get eight hours of sleep a night, I find ways to be in nature on a regular basis, I love guided meditation, and I make time to read every day.

What is your definition of beauty?

It’s not about wanting to look like someone else, but looking more and more like yourself. The more individual, the more meaningful the beauty, in my opinion. Of course, we have resources to help us. Makeup can be a lot of fun and a great way to improve your appearance, but natural beauty comes from within. It’s a tool to help me transform into a character, lighten up my most tired days, or be the perfect finishing touch to a special night.

You reached the age of 40, how is this process of growing and maturing in front of the screen?

I’m very lucky to age, not everyone has that privilege. Lucky to have been working for 30 years, I think I’ve learned a lot from the job and I’ve also been able to bring a lot of my personal life into my professional life. It was definitely a combination. I think it’s a privilege to grow old, I love it. This current generation of actresses is refusing to go anywhere and we are seeing them thrive and do their most interesting work in their 50s, 60s, 70s. I think we’re really seeing amazing, beautiful, interesting portrayals of all different types of women right now.

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