Nubank impresses customers with massive limit increases

Nubank impressed customers with limit increases carried out last Wednesday (30). Learn how to increase your card limit

Nubank impressed customers with massive limit increases carried out last Wednesday (30). In this way, several users of the digital bank benefited from the increase.

The novelty surprised several customers, as Nubank does not usually increase customer limits so often. In this way, customers report on Twitter the surprise of the limit increase.

What is Nubank’s criteria for increasing limits?

In order to decide to increase the customer limit, Nubank analyzes information and, through a technology based on algorithms, defines which will be the new credit released.

Therefore, customers who have high purchasing power and pay their bills on time are more likely to have their credit card limit increased.

Increasing my card limit Nubank

As in any bank, the increase in the credit card limit can be requested from the institution, which will analyze the request. Customer information is analyzed and, based on the result, the bank decides whether the customer is able to receive a new credit limit.

To this end, there are some valuable tips that help customers increase the limit granted, such as, for example, concentrating spending on their credit card. This will show the bank that you are using the entire limit already available, which shows the institution that you may need an increase.

have a clean name

The dirty name, or negative, happens when the consumer fails to pay a debt. The creditor requests the inclusion of the debtor’s name and CPF in companies that gather data on people’s financial history.

Thus, the negative name means that the consumer is considered a bad payer by the financial market. This makes it difficult for the bank to release credit, so keeping your name clean can contribute to credit approval.

Pay invoices on time

Sometimes the customer’s name is not negative, but he always delays paying the invoice by a few days or weeks. In this way, Nubank understands that the customer does not honor financial commitments. Thus, the chance that the bank will release a limit increase is slim to none.

Image: Reproduction / Nubank

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