PROTECT your iPhone with these 3 tips that will make it safer

Nowadays, we are thinking more and more about the security of our cell phones. That’s because our life is inside them, and when they are stolen, we end up having losses that go far beyond the value of the device.

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Burglars can access our bank accounts, contacts, photo gallery, social networks, important documents… Therefore, it is essential to use technology in our favor in this regard.

Check out three things below that you can configure on your iPhone so that you have a little more security.

1 – Track your cell phone even off

By enabling this function, you will be able to track your iphone even if it’s turned off. Go to the Power Menu (by pressing the volume and side button) and select allow iPhone to be found after shutdown. Another way is this step by step:

  • In Settings, enter “Privacy”;
  • Tap on “Location Services”;
  • Then, enter “Share Location”;
  • On the next screen, enter the “Find iPhone” options;
  • Activate the “Find My App Network” option so that your iPhone is trackable for up to 24 hours even if it is turned off.

This function is very useful in case of theft or loss of the device. One less headache!

2 – Hide the content of notifications

Notifications can reveal a lot of important content, from messages to shortcodes for banking apps and social networks🇧🇷 So, to hide its contents and the person needs to enter the password to view the SMS, change the setting.

  • Go into Settings, Notifications and Show Previews;
  • Switch to When Unlocked;
  • Change it to Never if you hide the content of notifications even if the iPhone has been jailbroken.

3 – Put a password on certain apps

Some apps contain more sensitive information than others. You can choose to put a password to access specific apps.

  • Open Settings. Then activate the “Use Time” feature;
  • Tap “App Limit” and select “Add Limit”;
  • Search for the application you want to put a password among the available categories. You can select more than one app;
  • Click “Next” and, under “Time”, adjust to “0 hours” and “1 min”, minimum usage timeout.
  • Select “Add” to confirm the configuration.

With these features, your cell phone will be much safer!

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