Putin rejects Russian troop withdrawal from Ukraine, says attacks ‘inevitable’

Through a communiqué, the Kremlin that stopped attacking the neighboring country with high-precision missiles ‘for a long time’ and reaffirmed the ‘necessity’ of the bombings; UN investigates possible war crimes

Andrey Gorshkov / SPUTNIK / AFP – 03/03/2022
President of Russia Vladimir Putin will continue the military offensive against Ukraine

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, does not plan to initiate a withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. This is what was defended by the representative in a conversation with the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, last Friday night, 2nd. According to the commander of the Kremlin, the massive attacks carried out against the Ukraine are “necessary and unavoidable” and the “destructive” stance of Western countries in supporting the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not contribute to the end of the war. This week, the United Nations sent inspectors to the bombed territory in eastern Europe to examine the impact of attacks on Ukraine’s strategic infrastructure, as the tactic used by the Kremlin Army could be framed as war crimes. In a statement, Putin’s government stressed that “the Russian Armed Forces have long avoided high-precision missile attacks against certain targets in Ukraine, but such measures have become necessary and unavoidable in the face of provocative attacks from Kiev.” In the midst of the conversation with Scholz, the German representative asked Putin to “find a diplomatic solution as soon as possible”, which would involve, in the first instance, the withdrawal of Russian troops. The proposal was not well received, as the Kremlin was against the end of the war. Also on Friday, the Kremlin rejected the conditions proposed by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who had said he was “ready” to discuss “a way to end the war”. Dmitry Peskov, Russian presidential spokesman, said the Russia “obviously” rejects the idea and that “the military operation will continue”.

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