Reporter paralyzes É de Casa and holds back tears with sad news

Carol Barcellos was moved to confirm that two important players in Brazil were seriously injured

In the last edition of It’s from homewhich aired this Saturday, 03, on Globe🇧🇷 Maria Beltrão and company starred in exciting moments since the beginning of the morning, however, the atmosphere became heavy after an interruption by the reporter Carol Barcelloswhich gave sad news involving the Brazilian team.

Right at the beginning of the program, in his first live entry, Barcellos already had teary eyes due to the tribute that the Globo presenters paid to Thiago Oliveira, who will be a father soon. The journalist even said that she needed a moment to recover from the emotion before breaking the news straight from Qatar.

moment later, Maria Beltrão had to interrupt the program for Carol Barcellos to inform that players Gabriel Jesus and Alex Telles are out of the rest of the Cup🇧🇷 The journalist returned very emotional and had to control himself not to cry live.

“Now, we’re back to talking about our weather forecast, because now I’m going straight to Qatar, because our Carol Barcellos has very hot information about a double embezzlement in the Brazilian team. Carol, who will be left out of the Cup, tell me?’ asked the presenter.

“The test results for Alex Telles and Gabriel Jesus have just come out, the two who left the field yesterday feeling severe pain in their knees, and the results are not good at all. The CBF still hasn’t confirmed it, but the information we have is that the exams point to a three-week recovery”, began Carol, with a face of concern.

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Maria Beltrão during the link with Carol Barcellos in É de Casa- Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Maria Beltrão during the link with Carol Barcellos in É de Casa- Photo: Reproduction/Globo

“If this really happens, both would be out of the cup🇧🇷 Remembering that in the case of Alex Telles, he has already joined to replace Alex Sandro, who also suffered an injury. So, confirming this information, the exams are not good and indicate a long recovery period, which would leave both players out of the Cup… I hope, from the heart, to be able to come back here in the program in a little while, with more information up“, lamented the reporter.

With an embarrassing voice, Carol Barcellos also commented on Alex Telles crying still in last Friday’s game, 02: “Alex Telles was crying on the bench… We are very sorry to have to share this kind of news, because we cannot even imagine what goes through the athlete’s mind🇧🇷 It’s been four years waiting for this here, waiting for the World Cup. It is the great moment of their lives and not yours, what is going on in the athlete’s heart at such a moment”.

“There is always that expectation of a positive surprise, but not in their case. The results of the exams were not good and we can only imagine the size of the frustration of the players. Telles’ reaction did draw a lot of attention yesterday, as he already went downstairs, with an expression of sadness and concern. They know the body well and are used to it. They feel when there is a sign that the injury is really something more serious.“, concluded the Globo reporter.

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