Stairs Filmes premieres ‘O Sonho de Dandara’

Dandara’s Dream tells the story of a hyperactive child who does incredible tricks to win his mother’s love.

First live-action film directed by Natalí Toledo ( @natalitoledocinema ) with production by Silvio Toledo ( @silviotoledo.cinema ). Natalí has ​​just directed the animated feature film “Juvenal e o Dragão“ for @stairsfilmes, a production company in which she is the majority partner.

STAIRS Filmes returned to the filming set to kill the longing, the recordings ended this weekend, this time a children’s short film was shot beyond charming. “O Sonho de Dandara”, a girl full of energy that turns the family upside down, an exciting and fun story set at Christmas. Based on the childhood of Aurora Irene Ponciano and directed by Natalí Toledo.

“I am very happy with this new project, my first experience in live action”. In the cast, heavyweight actors such as: Márcio Tadeu ( Various Novelas Globo, Netflix and international series PASSAPORTE PARA A LIBERDADE by Jayme Monjardim/Globo ), Fábio Campos ( Novela SBT, Cangaço Novo – Amazon ), Alice Oliveira ( Netflix ), Anne Marques ( International series PASSAPORTE PARA A LIBERDADE by Jayme Monjardim/Globo ), the brilliant little Rafaela Rodrigues and Rayssa Rodrigues, are part of this cast. This story set over the Christmas period will delight families and kids alike. Soon we will also have the release of three feature films by STAIRS films that are on the needle. The end of the year and the beginning of 2023 promise a lot of news.

Filmed in the cities of Campina Grande and João Pessoa, Paraíba, the story of the mischievous girl who experiences a conflict with her mother for not accepting the child’s tricks is based on the childhood of author Irene Ponciano from Campina Grande, PB”.

STAIRS Filmes is an independent production company of cinematographic films by directors Sílvio Toledo and Natali Braga. Headquartered in Campina Grande PB, UNESCO Creative City in Media Arts. The goal of STAIRS is the creation of a sustainable audiovisual production industry in the Northeast of Brazil to make viable several independent and daring projects – own and partner projects – with varied style and technique, without public restriction, stimulating collective construction in social life, education and sustainability, not being these limiting concepts, but a range of opportunities. STAIRS Filmes is heading towards its 10th. feature film. Follow us on social media @stairsfilmes on instagram and on the web.

The cast includes newcomer Rafaela Rodrigues, 7 years old in the role of Dandara; her 12-year-old sister, who runs a local TV program in Paraíba entitled Rayssa Convida, Rayssa Rodrigues also plays Dandara’s sister, Duda; Alice Oliveira, who is very successful on tik tok and instagram as @alicereja plays the role of Dandara’s distressed mother; award-winning actor Fábio Campos, who debuts next year on Amazon Prime, plays father Cassiano and also Jesus; Márcio Tadeu, always present in Globo’s soap operas, plays a priest and also a devil; and Anne Marques, who participates in the international series Passaporte para a Liberdade by Jayme Monjardim, plays the neighbor, who is irritated by Dandara’s invasions of her home.

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