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Strong password generators are a good option to create passwords that are more resistant to hacking and ensure the security of your accounts. The increase in the incidence of virtual scams to steal credentials and personal data reinforces the need to have strong keywords, but it is not always easy to generate safe and easily memorable codes. That’s where password generators come in: free and intuitive, these tools have customization options to create unique, easy-to-record keywords. Some platforms even have paid versions with extra features, such as password managers and browser extensions.

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According to estimates by PSafe, a company specializing in cybersecurity, more than 150 million Brazilians have already been victims of virtual fraud. So that you can protect yourself, the TechAll explains below what are the characteristics of a strong password and presents five sites that can help generate more resistant codes for your accounts.

List brings together five sites that generate strong and unique passwords — Photo: Caroline Silvestre/TechTudo

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How to create strong passwords?

Data leaks and identity thefts have been increasingly constant in the virtual environment. Most of them are related to the inefficiency of the passwords created by the victims, who tend to use codes that are easy to deduce, such as birthdays, children’s names or phone numbers. In addition, using the same password on multiple services is also one of the main mistakes made when creating a code.

A strong password is made up of letters, numbers and symbols — Photo: Caroline Silvestre/TechTudo

A strong password is made up of a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Also, the longer the password, the more difficult it will be to crack it — it is recommended to have at least eight characters. An example of a strong password is “nkyG8g@ia5y2^pW”. Therefore, random and unique codes are the best solution to prevent someone else from entering your account. Check out, below, a list of password generator sites that can help you create more secure keywords.

Avast is an antivirus company that also offers a free automatic password generator. It lets you mix numbers, letters, and symbols to create a strong password. The site ( is quite intuitive, the user just needs to adjust the size of the code and select the types of characters that will be used. The platform establishes that passwords must have at least 10 characters to be considered strong, but it is possible to create codes with up to 50 characters.

Avast uses a concept called cryptographic entropy to generate strong passwords — Photo: Reproduction/Caroline Silvestre

Nobody, not even Avast, has access to the generated password. According to the company, the codes created are completely random and are not stored on the server or sent over the Internet. After generating your random password, just copy it to your clipboard and use it on WiFi networks, social networks, emails or other accounts. The platform also offers Avast BreachGuard, a paid service (R$79 per year) against data breaches.

4Devs ( provides an online tool to generate easy-to-use secure passwords. It works like this: you enter the size of the code and define whether you want to include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Then, just choose the number of generated passwords and click on the “Generate password” button. Unlike most generator sites, 4Devs allows you to create a code with a maximum of 32 characters.

4Devs offers an easy-to-use secure password generator — Photo: Reproduction/Caroline Silvestre

In addition to creating random and secure passwords, the site has resources aimed at programmers and software developers, such as CPF, CEP, and QR Code generators. 4Devs also has several options for validators and calculators.

LastPass is a password manager that also has an online code generation tool ( With it, the user can generate a unique and secure password for each account he creates. The site allows customizing the code on three levels: 1 — easy to pronounce, avoiding numbers and special characters; 2 — easy to read, avoiding ambiguous characters such as 0 and O; 3 — complex password, using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

The platform considers strong passwords with at least 12 characters, but it is possible to create codes with up to 50 characters. To generate a new password, just click on the “update” icon in the right corner. When you are satisfied with the result, click on the red “Copy password” button. The whole process is very simple and fast – and does not require registration.

LastPass lets you customize passwords for more security — Photo: Reproduction/Caroline Silvestre

Those who choose to register, however, will have access to the LastPass password manager, which works as a kind of virtual “vault” to store passwords, card details and other information. The service also has a free version, a premium version and a family option, as well as a browser extension.

The HostGator website ( also provides an automatic generator of secure passwords, although it does not provide as many customization options as the others. The tool just lets you choose the size of the code and enable or disable the inclusion of special characters. The generated codes mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

HostGator has its own password generator — Photo: Reproduction/Caroline Silvestre

If you prefer to create a simple password, just uncheck the “Special characters” option and click on the “Generate password” button. The site recommends passwords that are at least 12 characters long, but you can also create a strong eight-character password. In addition to having its own code generator, HostGator is a platform for hosting websites, blogs and virtual stores.

1Password ( is a password management service that has its own code generator. The user can choose between creating a random password or an easy to remember password. In the first option, you can define the length of the password and whether you want to include numbers and symbols. Now, if the objective is to generate a code that is easier to remember, the second option allows you to insert complete words, which facilitates memorization.

1Password allows you to create a random password, an easy-to-remember password or a PIN — Photo: Reproduction/Caroline Silvestre

It is still possible to generate a PIN security code. All you have to do is select a length for your password, which must be between 3 and 13 characters long. In addition, the user who opts for the paid version of 1Password has access to password storage and management services, available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and web version.

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