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JJ Feild and T’Nia Miller star The Peripheral as Lev and Cherise, respectively, two mysterious figures in London’s future timeline. The Prime Video series, which is adapted from William Gibson’s 2014 book of the same name, also stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Jack Reynor, Gary Carr, Louis Herthum and Alexandra Billings. The show comes from Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, with Vincenzo Natali executive producing and directing four episodes of the eight-episode first season.


As of now, Prime Video has not yet renewed The Peripheral season 2, but the sci-fi epic has taken over the top spot on the the power rings shortly after its release. The series also received generally positive reviews.

screen rant was able to talk with Miller and Feild about The Peripheralincluding its two mysterious characters if they read the source material before adapting a dense sci-fi narrative like this one and more.

T’Nia Miller and JJ Feild talk about the peripheral

🇧🇷 T’Nia, it was so much fun to see you in this futuristic villainous role. What was her favorite thing about playing Cherise?

T’Nia Miller: That’s it. I mean, the scenes she has are epic. Her journey and the language, the poetry of how – we both have this poetry – and how beautifully she is able to destroy someone. She does it with as much grace, charm and efficiency as you can see. That’s one of the most fun things.

JJ Feild: And you have the best costumes.

T’Nia Miller: And the costumes! 3 hours, 4 hours long. Michelle Clayton is the best stylist, which I feel sorry for everyone. Michelle Clayton is the best designer I’ve ever met and worked with. She is amazing. When we go to fittings, I would have chocolate and Prosecco. This whole experience was so much fun. And it’s a big challenge. This is a big challenge too.

JJ Feild: I wanted to wear your costumes,

T’Nia Miller: You can borrow them. Or maybe in season two. Maybe we’ll become best friends [laughs]🇧🇷

Speaking of Lev, JJ, he’s quite a mysterious character. I feel like we’re still getting to know him. So what attracted you to the role? How did you find your inner JJ?

JJ Feild: The villain within? Well, I’m a huge Gibson fan and the man was able to see the future better than any other writer, so to be able to bring that to the screen is extraordinary. And I think it takes the minds of Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy to bring the scale that Gibson needs. I loved Lev because he bridges two worlds – this vile oligarchy while still maintaining very human relationships with the Wilfs of this world. And I wanted to see if you could make someone as dark and mysterious as love should be, while still having a vague semblance of humanity.

That’s what’s so great about both characters – there’s humanity there. T’Nia, do you read the source material when you’re adapting something like this? Or do you just follow the script and the character there?

T’Nia Miller: No, I never read it. Because sometimes it’s a different account than when you get the script, and then we read something and I think you can expect something else. It sure fucks me up. So I never read the source material. I never read a word.

JJ Feild: Especially in this book, Gibson writes in a very abstract narrative way. [He] writes a scene from the perspective of someone who is on the edge of the scene. So you don’t have any direct ideas.

T’Nia Miller: Now that we’ve shot the first season, maybe I can read it. I don’t think Cherise exists, do you?

JJ Feild: It’s a merger – Lev has a brother. There are 2 brothers in the book. [But] honey, I’m not sharing my share with you.

About Peripheral

Nuclear mushroom in The Peripheral season 1, episode 4

Set in the future, when technology has subtly altered society, a woman discovers a secret connection to an alternate reality, as well as a dark future of her own.

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