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We’ve already explained in great detail that sunfish not only behave in the silliest way possible, they are also huge wastes of energy. And recently, a pair of rowers suspected of having found the biggest one ever recorded.

Rich German and Matt Wheaton were rowing in Laguna Beach, Florida, when they came across a huge and naturally weird sunfish.

The duo claims that the animal looks like “a mutilated shark, which has been bitten in half”, which well describes the bizarre aspect of the species.

“My friend Matt and I were just paddling and we came across it (…). It was hard not to notice! It was 2 to 3 meters long, much bigger than me,” Rich told the Pen News content agency.

Rich also said that he has seen several sunfish in the region, but this “is definitely the biggest”.

Despite the surprise of the two experienced rowers, the possible record does not have many chances of being recorded, since the fish would have to be taken out of the water, measured and weighed.

According to the Mirror tabloid, the largest recorded sunfish was found in 1996 off the coast of Japan. It weighed 2,300 kg and was 2.4 m long.

As the species is the largest bony fish on the planet, the largest sunfish found will be the largest bony fish found as well.

Sometimes these fish scare people just by existing, as this case in the United States proved. Remember!

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