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The recent success of the film black adam reveals that whatever difficulties it may have had, there’s still a lot of box office power in the DCU. Indeed, it’s remarkable that this film, in particular, relies so much on the box office and Rock’s undeniable charisma.

There’s no denying that the DCU has done a good job in terms of casting, bringing on board the types of actors that really seem to embody their characters. Not surprisingly, Reddit users have been particularly eloquent in sharing which ones they think are the best.

Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn)

Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

Margot Robbie has been in many great movies, and she brings undeniable charisma to the character of Harley Quinn. At once childlike and ruthlessly adult, she seems to truly embody her many comic book traits.

GhibliFanboy puts its praise this way when discussing Robbie: “Easily one of the best casting choices in the DCEU.” Indeed, Robbie allows the viewer to see the ways in which Harley Quinn changes throughout the films, and in Birds of preyin particular, she brings many different shades of this very contradictory character.

Henry Cavill (Superman)

Superman hovering over the ground ready to fight in Man Of Steel

Of all of Henry Cavill’s notable roles, his turn as Superman stands out. With his chiseled physique and classically handsome features, he somehow manages to exude strength and also, paradoxically, a bit of vulnerability. This makes him the perfect choice for Superman, who is regularly characterized by this duality.

West-Cardiologist180 agrees, writing: “Not only does he have the perfect looks, but he also has personality and kindness. And then there’s the fact that he was a fan of the character before he played him.” In Cavill’s capable hands, Superman became one of the most beloved members of the DCU.

Jason Momoa (Aquaman)

An image of Aquaman standing on the sand dunes in Aquaman 2

There’s no denying that Jason Momoa has powerful charm as an actor, with a rakish grin and devilish attitude. This made him the perfect choice to cast the rebellious Aquaman, who proved to be a reluctant hero.

I-Am-The-Peele has this to say about him: “He’s such a nice guy he made a hero laugh and scorn for having the highest grossing DC movie of all time, he’s so amazing in the role.” In Momoa’s capable hands, Aquaman has become one of the best characters in the DCU, someone who can succeed in both cast films and those focused on his character.

Viola Davis (Amanda Waller)

Amanda Waller with photos of Suicide Squad members behind her

Throughout her many great roles, Viola Davis has excelled in creating attractive women, individuals who are often morally compromised and tough. That’s particularly true of her turn as Amanda Waller, someone who manages to be a villain with understandable goals.

Davis has also proven to be very popular with Reddit users. West-Cardiologist, for example, writes: “Viola Davis as Amanda Waller also deserves high praise. She is terrifying without having to move a single finger.” Even when she’s just a minor character, Davis manages to transform Waller into someone who can command both a room and a viewer’s attention.

Zachary LeviShazam

Shazam strikes a heroic pose outside an abandoned factory in Shazam.

From the moment he appeared as Shazam, Zachary Levi showed why he was such a great fit for the role. He manages to bring so much of the character’s innate energy and dynamism to life with an infectious charm that no one can resist.

This is a point raised by many Redditors as well. Rohithbobby writes, “Zachary Levi literally personifies modern shazam, he’s really channeling his inner 10-year-old son whenever he’s on screen. And I like the fact that he’s more fun and lighthearted as Shazam.” It’s to Levi’s credit that he keeps the character from turning into a cartoon, instead giving him real depth.

Ben Afleck (Batman)

Batman looks at Superman in Batman v Superman

Many notable actors have played Batman, arguably one of the most famous heroes in comics. However, Ben Affleck has done a particularly strong job giving audiences a dark and conflicted version of the character, someone who is often almost as morally compromised as the villains he faces.

Plus, Affleck seems to really lose himself in the role, something RidingRoedel particularly appreciates: “The first time I felt like I was actually watching Batman himself, rather than a talented actor playing him.” Fortunately for viewers, Affleck manages to not only fill the role, but also bring new shades of characterization that weren’t as obvious in previous iterations.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman reaching for her sword

Wonder Woman has quickly become one of the best female characters in the DCU. A lot of that can be attributed to Gal Gadot’s performance. From the moment she appears, she transforms Wonder Woman into someone who is both deeply selfless and also undeniably charismatic, bringing out the best of both worlds.

Just as importantly, Gadot actually looks like the character she’s playing, as JediJones77 points out. “She fully embodies this character and looks exactly like the comic book character she was brought to life,” they wrote. While it’s obviously not essential for an actor to look like their comic book counterpart, it certainly helps the viewer to immerse themselves in this fictional universe.

Jeremiah Irons (Alfred)

Batman explains to Alfred why he has to fight Superman in Dawn of Justice

Jeremy Irons is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, and he brings his gravelly, world-weary gravitas to the role of Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler. However, it’s also true that Irons imbues Alfred with a bit more agency than some previous iterations.

JediJones77 agrees, putting it this way: “Jeremy Irons was a really nice, war-room-ready Alfred.” So, rather than being secondary to the action, Irons’ performance allows the character to become important in its own right, rather than just an addition or an afterthought.

Amy Adams (Lois Lane)

Lois Lane holding a notepad and looking serious

Amy Adams has been in many great roles and, unsurprisingly, she brings her usual charisma to the role of Lois Lane. From the moment she appears, she casts her usual spell, and what’s particularly notable about her is that she’s not just a damsel in distress, but someone with a lot of agency.

Its cast has also earned a lot of praise from Redditors. Light_appropriate has this to say: “It’s still so surreal that she played Lois Lane. I personally loved her on paper.” Adams helps update Lois for the 21st century, breathing new life into the character.

John CenaPeacemaker

Peacemaker (John Cena) insults children in a classroom

John Cena is one of those actors who seems to be effortlessly charming, whether in a movie or a commercial. So it’s no wonder he’s become particularly beloved among Redditors, who have praised his appearance as a Peacemaker in several DCU properties.

West-Cardiologist180 writes that “I like how the general consensus was that John Cena had reach 0 and that nobody would care about his character, and then boom. He does really well in a DC movie and even better in his own DC series.” Indeed, what makes Cena’s performance so brilliant is that he takes his own gifts as an actor and translates them directly into Peacemaker, giving audiences a conflicted hero who nevertheless manages to be endlessly fun to watch.

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