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Those who are older in the iPhone world remember the time when there were always promotions for free apps, or else digital gifts at Christmas time. Apple itself did this with the 12 days of gifts event.

But time passed and this type of promotion diminished. Nowadays leaving a free app in the store is not a very efficient way to promote the application, not to mention that many developers have started to adopt the model of monthly signature in your apps.

But there is an application that continues to keep this old Christmas tradition alive, releasing an application every day of December that is free for 24 hours, until the night of the 24th.

O Indie App Santa reveals daily which app can be downloaded for free during each day of the month until Christmas Eve.

But not everything is a wonder. This app was already in the news last year, and at the time the quality of the apps released wasn’t that good, or useful for everyone.

This Friday’s app (2), for example, is very useful for those who live in France, the United States or somewhere where it is customary to have code system (digicode) to enter buildings and buildings. In these places, there is usually no doorman and visitors enter knowing the door code. However, in Brazil this type of concierge system is very rare.

We need to see if, in the next few days, an app appears that is useful for most people, and not just “fillers” to promote the service that appears once a year.

If you want to try to follow along to see if you can get a good offer (after all, even old Android is free), you can install the app from this link.

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