Unfair criticism of Tite and the weak link in the national team: Dani, Antony and Raphinha – 12/03/2022

From the disastrous game against Cameroon – defeat, little ball and injuries – I will always consider it wrong to spare the entire team, whether in the World Cup or in the fan championship.

I created a jurisprudence.

Now, I’m not going to criticize Tite after the game, if, before, I considered it a banal attitude, which in a post he deserved.

Well, what about the game?

The most worrying thing is that only Martinelli did well. Only he could have created doubts for Tite. The others had a little aggressive attitude, they didn’t seem to be there to take advantage of the chance given by the coach. Oh, Fred is that right? Bruno Guimarães is that right?

The worst were Daniel Alves and Antony. They formed a disconnected duo, without overtaking and combinations.

Daniel is embarrassing.

It shouldn’t be there.

I compare Antony with the Uruguayan Facundo Pellistri. Right winger, short, staring. Bad ball. But go up, bother, feel the game.

Antony stands on the sideline, does not drink, does not dare. He is waiting to cross with the left to the left side of the attack. Manjado.

As Raphinha, the holder, has not been doing well, we see a “crooked” Brazil, surrendering only on the left with Vinícius Jr.

With Daniel, Militao, Raphinha and Antony, the. Radio has weak links. Worrisome.


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