Vasco refuses Carioca’s agreement, criticizes Flamengo and accuses ‘undue advantages’

O Basque refused to sign the Carioca Championship transmission contract. This Friday, the club issued a note criticizing the Flamengo and accused the rival of undue advantages.

In the proposed distribution, Rubro-Negro would receive R$ 18 million, while Vasco and Botafogo R$ 9 million each. Fluminense has not yet entered into an agreement. The club also understands that the Gávea team is benefiting from the issue involving Maracanã. That’s because on the last 18th, the Government of Rio renewed the stadium concession for the duo Fla-Flu🇧🇷

Before the renovation, the process was suspended by the State Audit Court🇧🇷 On the occasion, counselor Márcio Pacheco complied with the TCE’s request after irregularities were found in the public notice. The case irritated Vasco, who interpreted the fact as a political maneuver. It is worth noting that a photo that showed Márcio in a Flamengo game at Maracanã went viral on social networks.

Vasco asked to provisionally manage the stadium and was unsuccessful. It is worth mentioning that Cruz-Maltino intends to manage the stadium with WTorre and Legends – remember the idea of ​​the partnership here🇧🇷

Vasco x Cruzeiro - Maracanã

Vasco wants to manage Maracanã (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO / CRVG)

See the note in full:

“After confirming the veracity of news published in recent days, Vasco da Gama informs that it will not sign the 2023 Carioca Championship transmission contract under the terms presented by FERJ and its partner company.

We will not accept agreements in which there is no fair and correct distribution of values ​​and we will take all appropriate measures, in the sports and legal fields, to guarantee our rights.

Vasco deeply regrets the attitude of the board of directors of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, which seems not to have understood that football is not played alone.

It is not the first time that the rival has received undue advantages behind the scenes. It was like this, for example, in the unusual, repeated and inexplicable extensions of the temporary agreement for permission to use the Maracanã.

We believe that Brazilian football will only be economically sustainable when there is clarity and fairness in the negotiations, pillars that will guarantee equal sporting conditions and that will make the public’s interest in the spectacle perennial.”

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